Flawless Hearts in V Rising and where to farm them

Farming Flawless Hearts in V Rising is different from gathering wood or gems. Like all hearts, they drop from enemies with a circulatory system. Any enemy has a chance to drop a Flawless Heart, but it’s low. Killing everyone in a row and hoping that at least one heart will fall out is a great way to get frustrated and quit the game ahead of time.

Where and how to farm Flawless Hearts

Luckily, while the word “farm” can be misleading, there is definitely a way for everyone, both in the early and late game, to get Flawless Hearts. For players just starting out in V Rising, there is an easy way to get a couple without too much risk. For those nearing the end, there is another way that brings home real bounties.

early game

No method guarantees 100% loss. Server settings affect the drop, and simple luck can be both good and bad. But the best way early on is to target the lowest level enemies with V blood and take them out. Grab one of the best PvE weapons available, check out the Altar of Blood, and go hunting.

Don’t get frustrated if you find yourself fighting the lowest level enemy with V blood over and over again – Alpha Wolf (16). If players only want a couple of Pristine Hearts, they can get them in a few minutes by tracking him down, killing him, then going back and hunting him down again. Ideal bases are right next to it, so it can be a very short and profitable trip.

late game

Of course, when a large amount of Flawless Hearts is required, hunting bosses one at a time and returning to base is not the most efficient way to spend time. Those who have entered the endgame can bring home some hearts on units that are less than V blood.

Endgame players will get used to farming in the Silver Hills. This place has a large silver mine that can be raided. Instead of a mine, raid the city for Flawless Hearts. Clerics, paladins, and various other patrols in the Cathedral and Brighthaven Square have an increased chance of dropping Pristine Hearts.

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