Flask of miraculous potion and tears in Elden Ring

Flask of Miraculous Potion is a special item in Elden Ring. This potion allows you to combine different effects to get the perfect potion. Here is our guide to help you deal with the Flask of Miraculous Medicine and the tears you can find.

Miraculous Potion Flask and Tears Combinations

A flask with a miraculous potion in Elden Ring can be found in the Third Church of Marika. This place is located in Mistwood, a small area along the borders of Limgrave and Kaylid. You can pick up an extra Sacred Tear for your regular flasks, and Melina will also visit you.

With the Flask of Miraculous Potion in your possession, you will notice another command when you interact with Lost Grace. It allows you to create different combinations of Tears, at least two, to get both effects. Keep in mind that the Flask of Wondrous Potion can only be used once, and you will need to rest in Lost Grace to replenish it.

Location of Tears for Flask of Miraculous Potion in Elden Ring

Most of the tears used for the Flask of Miraculous in Elden Ring can be obtained from Lesser Erdtrees in various regions. Just find a map of that region and navigate to the airdtree icon to get to it. Often these places are guarded by bosses that must be defeated in order to get Tears as loot. As for the rest, they can still be found in some small airdtrees, although they are not protected, or in other places.

Misty Forest: Third Church of Marika – near the place where you get the flask.

  • Crimson Crystal Tear – Restores half of your total health.

Misty Forest: Small Erdtree – unguarded.

  • Spiked Fissured Tear – temporarily boosts charged attacks;
  • Crystalline Green Spill Tear – Temporarily increases stamina.

Wailing Peninsula: Little Erdtree – Avatar of Erdtree

  • Opaline Tear – damage negation;
  • Crimson Crystal Tear – Restores health over time.

Liurnia Lake: Little Erdtree (Southwest) – Avatar of Erdtree

  • Serulean Crystal Tear – restores half of the total mana;
  • Broken Crystal Tear – Causes an explosion.

Liurnia Lake: Little Erdtry (NW) – Avatar of Erdtry

  • Enveloping Fissure – Temporary enhancement of magical attacks;
  • Lightning Rupture with Cracks – Temporary boost to Lightning Attacks;
  • Shrine-wrapped Cracked Tear is a temporary boost to Holy Attacks.

Kaelid: Lesser Erdtry (West) – Avatar of Erdtry

  • Green Crystal Tear – increases stamina recovery rate;
  • Flame Wrapping Crystal Tear is a temporary boost to fire attacks.

Kaylid: Small Erdtry (East) – Putrid’s Avatar

  • Opaline Firmament – Increases the negation of all damage.
  • Shattered Saxifrage Tear – Increases the chance that attacks will break enemy stances.

Kaylid: Overworld – Located along the road leading to the south path of Kaelid. You should notice a Golden Seed Sapling and a hole next to it. The tear can be taken from there.

  • Windy Crystal Tear – Improves evasion.

Mount Gelmir: Small Erdtry – the spirit of the canker tree

  • Leaden Ground – Temporarily increases composure;
  • Serulean Hidden Tear – Removes all mana consumption.

Altus Plateau: Little Erdtree – worm’s face

  • Crimson Crystal Tear – increases the maximum amount of health;
  • Mottled Ground – Increases resistance and heals status effects.

Altus Plateau: Second Church of Marika – Eleanor (hostile NPC invasion)

  • Cleansing Crystal Tear – cleanses the Blood Lord’s curse. It can be useful in the fight with Mohg Omen.

Leindell: Overworld – Located west of Erdtree Minor.

  • Winged Crystal Tear – Reduces equipment load/encumbrance.

Leindell: Small Erdtree – There are some mobs here, but you don’t need to kill them.

  • Crimson Crystal Tear – restores half of your mana;
  • Cracked Tear – Briefly stops rune loss on death.

Giant Mountain Peaks: Small Erdtree – Here you fight only one Avatar of Erdtree. However, he summons his buddy as soon as his health drops below 50%. Both will have a common health pool.

  • Serulean Crystal Tear – restores half of your mana;
  • Crimson Bubble – Restores health when health is low.

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