Flame Gold (Flame gold) in Tower of Fantasy: how to get

Flame Gold is a currency in Tower of Fantasy that is equivalent in concept to Black Gold, only instead of getting Gold Nuclei (Golden Cores), these fiery red tokens are obtained from Red Nuclei (Red nuclei). For those unfamiliar with Black Gold, it serves as part of the Prayer system, which rewards players with upgrade resources or duplicate simulacra if they have accumulated enough of the currency. Unlike Tower of Fantasy’s Special Order, which relies on RNG, Black Gold gives players the ability to obtain a copy of the weapon of their choice.

Likewise, Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy allows Wanderers to unlock duplicate limited-time banners, “Rebirth of Clemency: Forgiveness and Rebirth” featuring Nemesis. Just as 120 Black Gold is required to obtain a duplicate weapon from a player’s arsenal, 120 Flame Gold is the cost of acquiring a copy of Nemesis.

However, Tower of Fantasy’s Flame Gold currency has its advantage over Black Gold in that Wanderers can spend 120 tokens to unlock limited banner weapons without having to get the character through the gacha system. However, the player must still complete Rebirth of Clemency a total of 120 times, which is an impossible task for those who spend little to no real money in Tower of Fantasy.

How to farm Flame Gold

Be that as it may, those who are looking for a guaranteed chance to get Nemesis or its Simulacrum duplicates will have to get a lot of Flame Gold. As already mentioned, you can only earn this currency by spending Red Nuclei. Gold and Black Nuclei are given to players in large numbers when completing tasks and exploring the world, but red cores are much less common. Red Nuclei and Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy can be obtained primarily with Dark Crystals or Tanium, the game’s premium currency, not counting hands or time-limited events.

Players can visit the in-game store to see how they can purchase red cores. The standard choice is to spend 150 Dark Crystals in exchange for one red core, which converts to one Flame Gold. However, the Cash Shop also offers Daily Supply and Limited Gift Packs, which contain a decent amount of Red Nuclei. Keep in mind that limited gift sets can only be purchased once, after which they do not renew, but will most likely return in a different form in a few weeks. Whichever option players choose, the Red Nuclei they earn and spend is guaranteed to give them Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy.

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