Fist “Grafted Dragon” in Elden Ring: how to get

Elden Ring is filled with many new items and weapons for players to collect. One such weapon is the Grafted Dragon Fist, a special weapon that fires a barrage of fireballs at a small area in front of the tainted one. The grafted dragon in Elden Ring is a literal dragon that players can wear as gloves on their hands, believe it or not.

The weapon itself is not difficult to obtain, but to obtain it in Elden Ring, you must defeat Godric the Hundred-Handed, a difficult demigod boss.

How to get the Grafted Dragon Fist in Elden Ring

In order to obtain the Dragon Grafted Fist in Elden Ring, players must defeat Godric the Hundred-Handed, then speak to Enya in the Round Table Keep and exchange Memories of the Hundred-Handed (an item obtained after defeating Godric) for a weapon.

Here is the full description of what players need to do to get the Grafted Dragon Fist:

Players must hunt down Godric, who is located in Stormveil Castle. After defeating the boss, you will receive the item “Memories of Storuk”. This item can be eaten/sold to get 20,000 Runes, or traded for a powerful new weapon.

After defeating the boss, the only locked main door in the Round Table Fortress will open and players can enter it to talk to Enya. In conversation with her, in addition to the new story that she will present as tainted, she will also turn the item “Memories of Storuk” brought to her into a powerful new weapon.

You can exchange Memory of Hundred Arm for two weapons:

  • Godric’s Ax
  • Grafted Dragon Fist

Wielding an ax requires 34 strength and 22 dexterity, while a grafted dragon requires much less: 20 strength, 14 dexterity, and 16 faith. This makes the fist a great early game option in Elden Ring.

Grafted Dragon Fist is a weapon that deals physical and fire damage. Its characteristics depend on strength, dexterity and faith. Since it depends on strength and faith, this item is an ideal early game choice for those who have chosen the Prophet.

Players who prefer close combat and fight with their bare hands will appreciate the damage that the Grafted Dragon fist deals. This item has a slow but beautiful animation on its skill called Bear Witness. The skill can also deal massive damage if the player is close to an enemy, and mediocre damage if the player is far away.

To improve the Grafted Dragon, the Tainted One will need a Blacksmithing Stone of Gloom. This item can be found in all areas of Interearth. Note that Grafted Dragon cannot be infused with any Ashes of War.

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