Fishing in V Rising: where to fish

In addition to plundering villages and bandit camps in V Rising, you will have the opportunity to fish. As in real life, you can catch a variety of fish, as well as get rare prey. In this guide, we will cover everything there is to know about fishing.

This will include the basics of fishing, fish to catch, treasure and some of the best fishing spots on the map. Let’s take a look at how to get a rod to start fishing for the first time.

How to get a fishing rod in V Rising

To fish, you need to get a fishing rod. Luckily, it’s pretty easy. First you need to build the Woodworking Bench, which will unlock after defeating Foreman Rufus. This is a level 20 boss found in the bandit lumberjack camp in Farbane Forest.

Defeating him will give you a Woodworking Bench blueprint, as well as a fishing rod.

Now you need to build a bench with the following materials.

  • 12 boards
  • 60 animal skins

It remains to take the last step, and you will have a fishing rod! On your Woodworking Bench, you will be able to craft a Fishing Rod from the materials listed below.

  • 8 boards
  • 4 copper ingots
  • 4 coarse threads

With this, you can start fishing. Next, let’s look at where you can fish.

Where to fish in V Rising

You will be able to fish in the designated fishing spots on the waters. As you approach the water, you may notice a white, bubbling area. This is the fishing spot; all you have to do is equip your fishing rod and click on that spot.

This will allow you to cast the line and wait until the water starts splashing. Once this happens, click again to hook up the catch. In general, fishing is quite simple, you just need to click once to cast the line and once to hook.

After you catch your prize, the fishing spot will disappear. If you want to continue fishing, you will need to find another spot in the water.

Recommended fishing spots

Some bodies of water have one or two fishing spots, which can limit the amount of time spent fishing. Fortunately, there are areas on the map where there are several fishing spots.

One of the best fishing spots on the entire map is Brighthaven Docks. There are many fishing spots in the area. If you decide to fish here, be careful of the enemies nearby. This is a densely populated area, so we recommend having strong armor and weapons so that you can eliminate all unwanted enemies before you start fishing.

Below we will look at a few more places that are great places to fish.

There are a few extra fishing spots on the map, but these spots have the most fishing spots in close proximity.

Tip: Fishing spots respawn after a certain amount of time, so you can come back and fish again. If you build your castle next to a famous fishing spot, you can easily check if it is respawning.

You may have noticed that our list did not include the Sacred Mountains. There are only two bodies of water in this location, however, players have reported that you will only be able to fish in the larger of the two locations, which is higher up the mountain.

What fish can you catch in V Rising

Below you can see the fish that you can catch. These fish can be dismantled into bones and fish oil, and crafted into items. If you have a prison cell with a prisoner, you will also be able to feed him fish.

Type of fish Where to find Fat goby

  • Farbane Woods
  • sacred swamp
  • Danley Farm
  • Cursed forest

Ferocious Sting

  • Farbane Woods
  • sacred swamp
  • Danley Farm

Rainbow trout

  • Farbane Woods
  • Danley Farm
  • silver hills

dusky snapper

  • Farbane Woods
  • sacred swamp
  • Danley Farm
  • silver hills

sage fish

  • Danley Farm
  • silver hills

blood snapper

  • Cursed forest
  • silver hills

swamp dweller

  • Cursed forest


  • Cursed forest

Golden river perch

  • silver hills

Fishing for Jewels in V Rising

Finally, let’s look at treasure hunting. In addition to the above fish, you can get a lot of rare items, ranging from gems to unique cloaks.

Below you can find a list of items that can be caught.

  • Recipe books
  • Gems
  • Raw
  • Normal
  • Flawless
  • Helmets
  • raincoats
  • crafting materials

That’s all you need to know about fishing in V Rising! In general, fishing can be pretty quiet as long as you stay in the shade.

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