Fire Pods in Tower of Fantasy: where to find them

In Tower of Fantasy you will find many different ingredients. These ingredients can be sweet, salty, and even spicy. Fire capsules are a type of fire-flavored mushroom that is sure to add a spice to any dish you put them in. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest ingredient and can only be found in one place.

Where to find Fire Pods

While most of the ingredients you can find are available in multiple regions, Fire Pods can only be found in the Crown region. This is the fourth area that you will gain access to as you progress through the story. The high cliffs of this region are the perfect place to find this spicy mushroom.

If you read the description of Firecaps, you will know that they can only be found in the Crown region. This is rather vague, since it does not say exactly where in the region to look for them. In fact, these mushrooms can be found throughout the region in various places. The map above shows the places where we were most lucky to find Fire Pods. It seems that they grow in places located near rocks.

How to use Fire Pods

It should come as no surprise that Fire Pods can be used for cooking. Visit any cooking station across the map to start cooking firecap dishes, as long as you have the other required ingredients. We don’t recommend eating Firecaps by themselves, as they don’t provide much benefit to your character. Eating a fire cap restores two points of satiety. Unfortunately, these mushrooms do not provide any health.

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