Fire giant in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Fire Giant is one of the most formidable enemies. For all its enormity, it moves very quickly and can deal an absurd amount of damage in the blink of an eye.

However, even with the Fire Giant’s unique approach to combat, he isn’t an insurmountable challenge and can be defeated with a little patience, the right strategy, and maybe a little luck. All in all, this encounter encourages you to try new things and will surely make people change their play style throughout the fight.

Molten Giant Overview

  • Location: Giant Peaks
  • Required: Yes
  • Summons: Players and Spirit Dust
  • Drop: 180,000 Runes, Memories of a Fire Giant
  • Weakness: ???

The Molten Giant is a legendary boss that is found in Giant’s Peak and is required to complete the main storyline of the game. He is fought late in the game, so he is quite difficult and we recommend being at least level 80-85 before attempting to fight him.

If you successfully destroy the last known fire giant in the Inter-Earth, you will be rewarded with 180,000 Runes and a Memory of the Fire Giant, which can be exchanged with Enya at the Round Table Keep. In addition, you will gain access to Farum Azula, a must-have zone in the late game.

Fire giant attacks

The Molten Giant has a lot of attacks that might be unexpected for a man of his size, but it also deals the damage you would probably expect. He has a wide range of AoE attacks, several ranged attacks and even more melee attacks that will devastate anyone he hits. Moreover, if the Fire Giant does not like the situation, he can instantly free up space by rolling across the entire arena from the impact.

Due to the many strange attacks and the amazing mobility of the Fire Giant, it will be incredibly difficult at first. However, once you get to know his demeanor, he will become much more controllable, but still able to strike if you are too careless or misjudged the situation. All in all, this meeting will test your strength, but it is not impossible. You’ve come this far and now you can’t give up!

Phase 1


The fire giant lowers his huge shield into the snow, then swiftly throws a line of snow at the player. Snow flies at a rapid speed and has a long range. The fire giant will usually start the encounter with this attack and use it when you are far away. However, be aware that sometimes he will use this move when you are close.

  • Tip: Roll left or right just before the snow hits you. If you are close, try to get behind him when you see him lower his shield into the snow.


The fire giant will periodically stomp its feet if you get too close/under it. He’ll stomp the foot you’re standing next to and do so relatively quickly, giving you a small window to react.

  • Tip: Roll to the side just before he stamps his foot.

Shield Bash

The fire giant will swing its huge shield at you and may even swing it again right after. Because of the huge size of the shield, you will see how he prepares for this attack by holding it close to him.

  • Tip: Roll over the shield swing to negate damage and get close to the fire giant for some light hits.

Charged Shield Bash

The fire giant raises its huge shield high above its head and charges towards you, finishing with a crushing blow. If this movement hits you, you are most likely dead or very close to it.

  • Tip: Dodge in time and roll over the shield just before it hits the ground. It might not be easy at first, but it will allow you to land some undeniable hits.

fire projectiles

The Molten Giant ignites his hands with fire and then launches fast-moving fire projectiles at the player. Although this attack is present in the first phase, it will also appear in the second, so be prepared for it by all means!

  • Tip: When you see a fire projectile leaving the fire giant’s hand, dodge immediately. They move very fast and you won’t have much time to react if you linger.

Flame of the Fallen God

The fire giant spawns a slow-moving fiery sphere that moves towards its target. When the orb comes into range, it will explode, covering a small area with fire and dealing significant damage. This attack will also appear in the second phase, when he will throw two fire orbs instead of one, so be on the lookout.

  • Tip: When the opportunity presents itself, get close enough to the orb for it to explode, then dodge immediately to avoid damage. The best way to deal with them is to bait them and get away from the crime scene.

Phase 2


The fire giant throws its huge body back, then opens its belly mouth, which erupts violently like a volcano, periodically spewing molten rock all over the arena. The fire giant will usually start the second phase with this attack, but this is not a guarantee.

  • Tip: Move away from the Fire Giant and wait patiently for the attack to end. Getting hit by a molten stone can be the end of you, even if you have a lot of health.

fiery land

The fire giant wraps his hands in flames before sticking them into the snow, and the surrounding area erupts in flames. The area that the flames cover is quite large, but it is too difficult to predict where and when the flames will break out.

  • Tip: Move away from the Molten Giant until the flames stop spawning. You can also try to get close and keep an eye on the fire spots, but for some, this may be too risky and can instantly kill you, so we do not recommend doing this.

Elbow strike

The Molten Giant will occasionally lunge with his elbow, attempting to align his body to face you, and then quickly spew lava out of himself, dealing lethal damage that will instantly kill almost anything he touches.

  • Tip: If you see the Fire Giant starting to lower his elbows to the ground, try to run through the opening and get behind him. This will allow you to land some undeniable hits on him before he gets to his feet. However, if you can’t do that, give him one or two hits and then run away from this place. This attack will end most players, so play it safe. You are too close.

fire strike

The fire giant swings its flaming arms at you from the left or right, dealing decent damage to whoever gets hit.

  • Tip: Time your throws and dodge punches. In addition, you can try to get behind him, which will allow you to carry out several attacks.

How to defeat the Fire Giant

The fire giant will test the patience of any type of player in Elden Ring and will easily become one of the hardest mandatory bosses in the game. While no play style is immune to this giant’s wrath, the challenge is not impossible. And with the right strategy, you will see him fall in the blink of an eye.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

In the first phase, you will see a rope tied around the Fire Giant’s left leg. Hit the rope a few times so that it eventually snaps into place and reveals the boss’s weak point, as well as pausing his attacks for a short time. Take advantage of this opportunity to land some undeniable hits. After that, focus on his left leg, dodging his attacks and regaining distance after his throws. Always try to stay behind or under him, this will cause him to roll to the side, allowing you to come back the moment he tries to land one of his few ranged attacks.

At the beginning of the second phase of the fight, the Fire Giant rips off his left leg, eliminating the weak point of the first phase and transferring it to the left forearm, which is somewhat uncomfortable for melee ground fighters to hit. However, from now on, all Fire Giant’s attacks will be directed forward, so try to stay to the side or behind him in order to get a few hits before he tries to turn around to face you. It’s best to be patient here, as he has a large amount of health, and you are unlikely to hit his forearm. But if you can constantly be behind him, then in the end you will defeat him.

Ranged strategy

When facing a fire giant, ranged players will follow a strategy very similar to that of melee players, but it will be much easier for them to carry out this plan. You shouldn’t go too far in this fight because the Fire Giant has some annoying ranged attacks. Instead, get in close with a powerful spell that can be cast quickly. In the first phase, his left ankle will be the weak point. Stay close and position either behind him or under him to force him to perform basic attacks or roll to the side.

In the second phase, ranged users can hit his left forearm with a much higher result than melee users. With ranged attacks having superior accuracy, you can take advantage of his onslaught of forward attacks and occasionally peek and hit at his weak spot before positioning himself behind him. After a few successful hits, you will be able to break the Fire Giant’s defenses and then attack the large eye on his stomach to deal more significant damage. Repeat this process until you defeat him.

Horseback strategy

In general, we do not recommend using Flux in the first phase, but it will come in handy in the second phase for melee fighters. Elevation will give you the height and range you need to hit a Fire Giant’s left forearm, which can break his composure after a few hard hits. In the second phase, truckers can also use Torrent, but this is not necessary for them. Just remember to position yourself behind the Fire Giant and only attack the weak spots when you have a free pass and you’ll be done with him in no time!

General Tips

  • Reach level 80-85 or higher;
  • Always try to stay behind or under him;
  • Use Torrent only in the second phase to hit his weak point (melee only, ranged is optional);
  • Lure fireballs to explode, then run out of the area to negate the damage and remove the annoying obstacle;
  • Be patient. The Fire Giant has a large supply of health, so the first time he is quickly and certainly not killed. Just don’t lose the composer and stick to the game plan!

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