Fins and oxygen tank in Raft: how to make

Most of the content in Raft is underwater. Players will explore the beauty of the ocean while trying to mine materials underwater. Unfortunately, this activity is not always calm. If players choose a certain difficulty, the shark will always be on their tail, ready to strike and ruin the diving experience.

There are ways to outsmart the shark. Of course, players can move far enough away from their raft to avoid the shark’s zone of aggression, or kill the animal before diving. If players choose the second option, they will only have a few minutes before the Predator respawns. Therefore, you need to make the most of this time to get as many materials as possible. To make the dive in Raft smoother, players can use fins and an oxygen tank.

How to make flippers in Raft

Fins in Raft are an equippable item that can help players move faster underwater. This can be of great help if players are exploring the depths of the ocean, especially in difficult places that require careful reconnaissance. Unfortunately, fins don’t last forever. Players can only use them for about ten minutes before the item breaks. Therefore, it is worth being selective in where players use it. Item durability also only decreases while moving, so minimizing movement will help conserve gear.

To make flippers in Raft, you need to stock up on the following materials:

  • Plastic x6
  • Algae x6
  • Creeper Juice x5
  • Rope x4

How to make an oxygen tank in Raft

Not only the speed of movement, but also another important aspect to pay attention to when diving: the level of oxygen. At the top of the screen, you will be able to see an indicator that shows the character’s oxygen level. Staying underwater with empty breaths will slowly decrease the player’s health, eventually resulting in death. This is where an oxygen bottle comes in handy. This item allows players to stay underwater longer, allowing for more efficient exploration. The combination of fins and an oxygen bottle is the most efficient way to save both items. Since players will have to spend less time surfacing, the functionality of the fins will be brighter.

To make an oxygen bottle in Raft, players need to use:

  • Plastic x8
  • Rope x4
  • Empty bottle x1
  • Creeper Juice x5

Meanwhile, to make an Empty Bottle, you will need the following materials:

  • Plastic x6
  • Creeper Juice x4

Unlike an empty bottle, an oxygen bottle breaks after a while, so as with fins, players must be careful when equipping this tool.

Materials needed for fins and an oxygen bottle in Raft

In order for fins and an oxygen tank to be available in the craft menu, rafters need to insert the following items into the research table:

  • Plastic: one of the most common resources. It can be found floating all over the surface of the sea
  • Algae: Finding and farming algae requires players to dive and search underwater
  • Creeper Sap: Smelted from seaweed using a smelter
  • Rope: Recycled from palm leaf
  • Empty bottle

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