Festive horn in Valheim: how to make and use

Valheim recently celebrated its first anniversary and released new content for players to celebrate. Caves in the mountain biome can now be found in the world of Valheim, as well as new materials and crafting items. One of the additions to the game was introduced specifically for the players to celebrate the anniversary of the game: the Celebration Horn.

This vessel gives players a new way to drink mead in celebration of the game’s anniversary. However, since this is a new item, players may not know exactly how to craft or use the Festive Horn. For those Valheim players who want to master this new item, this guide will help you.

How to make a Festive Horn

Fortunately, the recipe for making the Horn of Triumph is relatively simple. First of all, players need to go to any working workbench in Valheim to find the recipe for this item. There, players will find that in order to get the Horn of Triumph, they need to collect 2 bronzes, 2 irons, and 2 troll skins.

Bronze is the product of combining 2 copper and 1 tin alloys in a forge. Both Copper and Tin can be found in the Black Forest biome in Valheim, with the former found in large boulders and the latter near rivers and coasts. It doesn’t take more than a quick trip to the Black Forest to get the 2 bronzes needed to do this. Iron, on the other hand, can be smelted from scrap found in dirty scrap piles in flooded crypts in the swampy Valheim biome. Scrap iron and coal combined in a smelter make the iron needed for this recipe.

The Black Forest biome also contains trolls, which are the best source of troll skins. Trolls are one of the hardest creatures in Valheim with 600 health points and the ability to deal significant damage. Luckily, killing just one of these creatures will give you enough troll skin to complete this recipe.

How to use the Celebration Horn

The Festive Horn can be inserted into any of the hotkey slots and used from there. As a tanker, this item is used to drink mead in the game. Mead in Valheim are items that can be consumed to temporarily increase health and stamina. First they need to be made in a cauldron, and then taken to a fermenter and fermented. Delicious Mead in Valheim is one example of such items that increase the player’s stamina regeneration for a short time.

Players can use this Celebration Horn to celebrate the first anniversary of Valheim’s release and the game’s latest update. Along with this wonderful vessel, the update brings new Frost Caverns to Valheim, three new enemies, and a new set of Fenris armor.

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