Fallout 4 costume in Ghostwire: Tokyo: how to get

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Fallout 4 costume is purely cosmetic, but since outerwear plays no role in Akito’s protection, players won’t have to worry about the consequences of using it. Only by leveling up in Ghostwire: Tokyo will players be able to increase Akito’s health, allowing them to equip the unlikely hero with whatever outfit they choose. In contrast, Fallout 4’s vault suit can actually help players increase Akito’s health as it ties into a side quest in Chapter 2.

How to get equipment from Fallout 4

When Akito and Kei Kei reach the mall in Chapter 2, a green icon will appear on the phone booth outside the building, indicating that a side quest can be completed there. On the map, the quest icon can also be found to the right of the construction area next to the mall. Answer the phone to receive a new task from Ed and start the Crimson Moon side quest. This quest is easier to complete using some of Akito’s advanced abilities and skills unlocked in Ghostwire: Tokyo, so players might want to consider completing Chapter 2 before trying to pick up the Fallout 4 vault suit.

Complete the Crimson Moon quest

After receiving the Crimson Moon quest from Ed, players will need to take the device from one of the lockers at the entrance to the mall. Turn right from the phone and walk no more than 15 m to get to the appropriate locker and take the device. After that, Akito will need to get to three separate locations and scan the moon from the rooftops to complete Ed’s research. All of these locations are marked on the map and can be climbed from the ground or reached with the advanced Tengu ability in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Once all three locations have been scanned, return to the phone booth at the mall to download the data to Edu. This will automatically complete the side quest and reward players with the Fallout 4 Vault Suit. In addition, Akito will receive a Ghostwear costume, 5,000 make-up, and about 750 perfumes in exchange for more experience in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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