Every legendary weapon in Elden Ring and where to find it

There’s a lot to find in Elden Ring, whether it’s a dungeon, a boss quest, or an NPC; exploration of the Inter-earth is a very fruitful occupation. However, some of the most interesting finds are the legendary weapons that litter the world. Each of them is a powerful relic in its own right, its strength matched only by its elusiveness.

There are nine Legendary Weapons in total. Some of them can be found in the Graveyard, others in Leindell. And some may even be lost forever (sort of) if you delay the plot development too much. We’ll cover each of these mythical tools and how you can get your hands on them.

Two-hander with a hybrid blade

This will likely be the first Legendary Armamancer you find. The Two-Handed Hybrid Blade is a reward for killing Bastard Leonin and part of Edgar and Irina’s side quest.

Bastard Leonidas can be found south of the Weeping Peninsula in Castle Morne. You’ll have to fight in the castle and make your way to the beach from the back, but the reward is well worth the effort.

If you need help getting through Castle Morne, we have a complete guide.

Sword of night and flame

The Sword of Night and Flame can be found relatively early in your adventure, but it’s also easy to miss. You will have to fight at Kariya’s estate in Lake Liurnia, which involves killing many (many) disembodied hands.

Quickly move to the upper level of the estate, turn around and take the elevator back down. Cross the bridges that intertwine over the extensive gardens of Kariya Manor. When you reach the fourth bridge, look to your left and you will see a rooftop with several stairs leading down.

Jump down and go down the stairs. You will come across a treasure chest containing a sword, as well as a door that needs to be opened and leads back to the garden of hellish hands.

Two-Handed Ruins

Two-Handed Ruins of Ruins can be obtained from Castle Redmane in the Starry Wastes. You can get it before or after killing Radan, but either way you will have to fight the boss. More precisely, with two. Fighting the Exiled Warrior and the Crucible Knight can be quite difficult, as you have to pay attention to two enemies at once.

If you killed Radan, this boss may not appear. In this case, head to the temple at the back of the festival arena and talk to Jerren, who will reset the area. Rest at the nearest grace, and the Fog of the door will disappear.

Executioner’s Sword Marais

Marais’ Executioner’s Sword can be obtained by killing Elemer of the Thorns in the Twilight Castle on the Altus Plateau. Elemer is an optional boss, he can be found at the end of the “dungeon”.

Darkmoon Twohander

Two-Handed of the Dark Moon is the highest reward for completing Ranny’s quest. Ranny’s quest line is quite long and more than complicated. Luckily, we have a complete walkthrough guide.

Gransax Bolt

Gransax Bolt is unique as it is the only permanently missable legendary weapon in Elden Ring. You must obtain the Bolt of Gransax before you burn the Tree of Erd.

In order to get Gransax’s Bolt, you need to travel to Leindell – the place of grace of the sanctuary of the Tree of Erd, where you fought the ghost of Godfrey. From here, go down the stairs and take the elevator down. Walk along the railing and drop down to the ledge below. From this ledge, you can jump onto the giant spear that pierces the dragon.

Climb up the spear and right at the top you can grab Gransax’s Bolt.

eclipse hotel

The Eclipse Inn can be found by heading north of Giant’s Peak to a place called Castle Sol. There are many interesting items stored in Sol Castle, but on this journey we will go to the Temple of the Eclipse). The Eclipse Hotel can be found on a corpse near the altar.

Devourer’s Scepter

To get the Devourer’s Scepter, you’ll have to get to Farum Azula’s Corrupted and fight for most of it. Fast travel to the Great Bridge’s Place of Grace. Go to the very bridge leading to Maliket and go in the opposite direction. You will come across a balcony and a ladder that you need to go down.

At the bottom of the stairs, take the path to the big tower and Bernal will invade you. Defeat him and the Scepter will be yours.

Two-Handed Golden Order

To get your hands on the Two-Handed Golden Order, you need to get to Ordina, the liturgical city. From here, head southeast until you hit a frozen river. Follow the river to the east and you will come across Forlon Cave. To enter the cave, you will need two Sword Keys.

Fight in the cave and defeat the Bastard Crusader, and the golden order sword will be yours.

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