Every additional boss in Bloodborne and where to find it

There are several optional bosses in Bloodborne, these are more of side quests that you don’t have to find and kill to complete the game. If you want to find all of the optional Bloodborne bosses and need help locating them, then on this page we’ll list the ones we know about, and you can add more information in the comments.

Church Beast (Great Bridge)

  • Health: 3/015
  • Echoes of Blood: 4/000
  • Reward: Sword Hunter Badge

Note: The Sword Hunter Badge unlocks some items that can be purchased from the Hunter’s Dream shop, including the Kirkhammer weapon.

Contrary to popular belief, the Beast Cleric is not the first mandatory boss in Bloodborne. This honor belongs to Father Gascoigne. However, the Cleric Beast is clearly destined to be the first boss you will face. The path to Gascoigne is too long for a novice player, and the Cleric Beast is right at the end of the Great Bridge, a place that most hunters will naturally gravitate to, short of the game taking them straight there.

Despite being potentially the first boss in Bloodborne, the Cleric Beast is far more difficult than any of the opening fights in the Dark Souls series. The Beast Cleric fights fast, hits hard, and goes through wild phase transitions that demand your attention. The key to this fight is focus. Watch out for the arms of the cleric beast, dodge all possible attacks and strike.

Tip: If you have an old hunter’s bell, you can call on Father Gascoigne to help you in this fight! Of course, you can’t kill him yet. His challenge sign is directly down the stairs to the left of Yarnham’s central warp point.

Bloodmouth Beast (Old Yharnam)

  • Health: 3.470
  • Echoes of Blood: 6.600
  • Reward: Cup to Ptumer

Note: You will have to fight this boss if you want to access Chalice dungeons.

The beast can be found at the very end of Old Yharnam, but it will never have to be fought if players don’t care about gaining access to the Hypogean Prison. The Hungry Beast also plays a minor role in Jura’s quest. While the Bloodthirsty Beast isn’t too hard to dodge, it deals nasty poison damage, so be sure to have a few antidotes on hand when hunting in Old Iharnam.

A blood-eaten beast can become a serious wall due to its venom, but its regular strikes also deal nasty damage. Going through three distinct phases, the blood-hungry beast can constantly parry throughout the fight and is weak to fire.

Tip: If you have an old hunter’s bell, you can call Alfred to help you in this fight. However, once you defeat Vicar Amelia, this strategy becomes unavailable. His challenge sign is to the right of the chapel.

Witch of Hemwick (Prayer Lane of Hemwick)

  • Health: 2.611
  • Echoes of Blood: 11.800
  • Reward: Inflamed Eye

Note: Although it doesn’t drop by itself, you need to defeat this boss to get the nearby Rune Workshop Tool, which allows you to use Carill’s runes.

Conveniently located at the very end of Hemwick’s Prayer Lane (and therefore almost impossible to miss), the Witch of Hemwick is one of the most creative bosses in Bloodborne. It’s actually a double boss, but the second Witch of Hemwick isn’t immediately noticeable. Witches also teleport around the room, making it hard to keep track of which witch is where and which one is which.

Witches of Hemwick will also summon Lunatics if you have at least one Innervate (which almost certainly will). It is important to try to kill both witches in close proximity to each other. If one witch is killed early and the other is left alive for a long time, she will revive her fallen sister.

Black Monster Paarl (Prison)

  • Health: 4.552
  • Echoes of Blood: 23.100
  • Reward: Sparkling Hunter Badge

The black monster Paarl plays a key role in Jura’s quest line. To get to the Blood-Starved Beast, players must first be abducted by the Reaver outside the Cathedral Chamber (this is only possible after defeating the Blood-Starved Beast). After “death” at the hands of the Reaver, players will wake up in the Hypogean Prison. The dark beast Paarl will be located at the very end of the zone.

While Paarl is intimidating, it’s not overly difficult – especially if you prioritize bolt resistance. Paarl’s legs can be damaged to knock him over, and each leg knocks him down once per fight, so take advantage of that fact. Also, stay behind Paarl’s dark beast and dodge accordingly.

Tip: Paarl is especially sensitive to fire damage! Take a few Molotov cocktails and fire paper with you to make it easier.

Martyr Logarius (Abandoned Cainhurst Castle)

  • Health: 9.081
  • Echoes of Blood: 25.600
  • Reward: Crown of Illusions

Note: You can use the Crown of Illusion to access the hidden room in the boss arena. It leads to Annalize, the bloodsucker queen, who will allow you to join her covenant. To dispel the illusion, simply put on the crown.

Martyr Logarius is located at the very top of Cainhurst Castle and is one of the hardest bosses in Bloodborne. Its rooftop arena makes it easy for unwary hunters to slide to their deaths, and the fact that Logarius suddenly starts head-to-head in the second phase of the battle makes it especially tense.

It may seem extremely dangerous, but the safest way to fight Logarius is to stay close, stay close to him, and react to his actions. In order to get to Cainhurst Castle, you need Cainhurst Summons from Yosefka’s Clinic – they are available through a short path in the swamps of the Forbidden Forest. The amount can be used at the obelisk in Hemwick Charnel Lane (right by the Witch Lantern) to go to the castle by carriage.

Amygdala (Nightmare Border)

  • Health: 6.404
  • Echoes of Blood: 21.000
  • Reward: Chalice of Sick Laurent

The nightmare frontier boss, Amygdala is one of the most difficult Great Creatures in Bloodborne. The Nightmare Frontier is a harsh zone in general, but the Amygdala is especially dangerous for melee characters. Only her head and arms are capable of inflicting real damage. Shooters and arcanists will naturally have an easier time, but they will have to work hard to get through the border of nightmare unharmed.

With wide arc attacks and bizarre movements, the Amygdala can prove to be a challenge even for Bloodborne veterans. Luckily, Amygdala is weak to arcane, bolt, and fire damage, and has low health. Melee players should aim for Amygdala’s head or arms, as these are the only parts of the boss that are weak to physical hits, but try to avoid blunt damage if possible.

Tip: Try using Call Beyond – this hunter’s tool emits multiple beams of light, and large enemies will be hit by most or all of them. You can find this tool in the Upper Cathedral Room behind the boss, which will be discussed below – Sky Emissary.

Messenger of Heaven (Upper Cathedral Ward)

  • Health: 2.764
  • Echoes of Blood: 24.640
  • Reward: Rune of Communion

The Messenger of Heaven is at the very top of the Upper Cathedral Section. The boss fight starts as a group fight with swarms of sky mobs attacking the player. The sky emissary hides among the mobs and will be the only enemy that does not attack the player immediately.

When enough damage is done to the Emissary, it will grow in size, and then it will have tentacles. The main thing in the fight against him is to attack him as soon as possible. If you’re fast enough, you can kill the Messenger of Heaven before he transforms. Otherwise, keep the mobs at a distance by constantly damaging the emissary.

Ibraitas, daughter of Cosmos (Altar of Despair)

  • Health: 12.493
  • Echoes of Blood: 36.300
  • Prize: Cup of Great Isz

Ibraitas can also be found in the Altar of Despair in the Upper Cathedral Branch and is directly connected to the Heavenly Emissary. From the lantern of the Lumenflower Gardens, penetrate the window nearby and take the elevator down. Ibraitas, Daughter of the Cosmos, will be waiting for you in the huge boss arena, where she is sure to kill players more than once.

Ibraitas is a huge Great One, and trying to fight her from behind is a futile exercise. Fighting between her legs is usually the safest, but getting there is quite a challenge. Also try to always dodge her charge attacks. Most often, she kills with one blow.

German, the first hunter (Hunter’s dream)

  • Health: 14.293
  • Echoes of Blood: 128.000
  • Reward: Old Hunter Badge

One of the potential final bosses of Bloodborne, Herman awaits the hunters in a hunter’s dream after defeating Mergo’s wet nurse. After the hunt is essentially over, Herman offers the player a choice: wake up from the dream or stay in it. Herman’s refusal means a battle with him in a hunter’s dream.

A one-on-one duel with Herman is one of the toughest fights in Bloodborne. If the players have not yet learned how to parry, they are in for an uphill battle. It’s best to treat Herman as a PvP battle and react to his actions. Although it is advantageous to advance, do not forget to study his telegraph signals in advance. With the right parry, it should fall quickly.

Moon’s Presence (Hunter’s Dream)

  • Health: 8.909
  • Echoes of Blood: 230.000
  • Reward: Absolutely nothing

Defeating Herman is not enough to trigger the Lunar Presence. You must also find and eat three-thirds of the umbilical cord hidden throughout Ygarnam. Only by doing this will the Lunar Presence descend into the Hunter’s Dream after Gherman’s death. For the first time, both bosses will have to be fought back to back, but the death of the Lunar Presence does not revive Gehrman.

Note: There are four umbilical cords in the game. They are located as follows:

  • Acquired after killing wet nurse Mergo;
  • Acquired in Yosefka’s clinic after killing the barren spider Rom – but only if Yosefka has survived up to this point;
  • Acquired either by killing Arianna in Yosefka’s clinic, or by the child she gives birth to in the sewers of Oedon’s Tomb;
  • Acquired from the Abandoned Old Workshop.

Iosefka and Arianna’s umbilical cords are missable – if you miss both of them, you won’t be able to fight Lunar Presence.

Lunar Presence is amazingly controllable compared to Geermann, but it can disable the player’s ability to heal with blood flasks, so be aware of his attacks. If fighting Herman and Lunar Presence one after the other proves too difficult, you can die, restock your Blood Flasks, and then start the final boss again. With significantly less health than Gehrman, Lunar Presence won’t take long.

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