Estimated Repair Time in Tower of Fantasy: Everything You Need to Know

Traveling through the world of Tower of Fantasy, you might come across strange large boxes with locks, equipped with a digital timer. These are actually supply pods scattered throughout the world of Hades, and they hold a variety of rewards for those who are patient enough to get there. But you might be wondering what these capsules are and how to skip their repair timers. We hope our guide will help you learn everything you need to know about Supply Pods and their Estimated Repair Timers.

Chests with Estimated Repair Timers

When you travel in Tower of Fantasy, you will come across a lot of chests in the open world. In most of these chests you will find a couple of resources and usually a few experience points. However, if you play long enough, you will come across round-shaped supply pods. They can be immediately distinguished by their shape and size, but even more so by the digital timer that hangs above them. The timer shows the time required to “repair” the locks of the chest, which must elapse before the capsule opens and reveals its contents. The reward found in one of these chests is usually rare upgrade materials and experience chunks. These items are valuable, but perhaps not worth the special wait.

How to skip estimated repair time?

It would be very helpful to know about a way to speed up or shorten the supply capsule timer, but unfortunately there is no such way at the moment. These chests appear to be timed on purpose, so it’s best for players to write down where they found the chest and come back later when the timer runs out. Otherwise, waiting for these chests will seriously cut your adventure time, and it’s usually not worth it. In fact, it’s probably better for you to just keep going and explore, and then maybe come back later for a pod or two if they get in your way and you know the estimated repair time is up.

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