Elemer of Thorns in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Elemer of the Briar is a recurring boss that appears in Castle Shadow. Weaker versions of him, designated as the Bell Hunter, can be found near the huts at night.

Fighting him can be tricky, especially given how small the arena is compared to arenas with weak versions of him. Everything you need to know about the fight against Elemer of Thorns is here.

Overview of Elemer of Thorns

  • Location: Shadow Castle
  • Required: No
  • Summons: Players and Spirit Dust
  • Drops: Executioner’s Sword Marais, Carriage with Iron Spikes
  • Weakness: Heavy jumping attack

Elemer of Thorns is located in Castle Shadow, north of the Altus Plateau. Combat and terrain are completely optional and do not affect the plot in any way.

For this fight, you can spawn any spirit or summon players from the network. After defeating the boss, you will receive the Sword of the Executioner Marais, which has a unique attack skill.

Tip: The boss can be parried as well as break his composure, so using Charged Heavy Attacks or Jumping Heavy Attacks can be very useful.

Defeating the weaker versions of the boss found in the huts at night will reward you with different kinds of bells.

Elemer’s Thorn Attacks

Elemer of the Thorns has a variety of attacks, both melee and ranged. Keeping distance in combat can be difficult for the first boss fight.

The boss lowers his shield and attacks you from a medium distance, knocking you down.

  • Tip: Rolling to either side will avoid being hit.

Elemer of Thorns brings down his shield on the player, knocking you down.

  • Tip: You should dodge or roll back when you see the animation.

The boss starts to accumulate red energy in his left hand and tries to grab the player if you are close to him.

  • Tip: You need to move away from the boss when you see that he is trying to charge energy in his left hand.

Elemer of Thorns charges his sword and points it at the player.

  • Tip: Roll to either side to avoid this.

When the player is at medium or long range, the boss charges his sword with energy and causes it to float, increasing its swing range by a significant amount.

  • Tip: The swings are slow, allowing you to dodge forward or backward to avoid all strikes.

The boss attacks the player with a swing of the sword and then throws the weapon at them.

  • Tip: Dodge as soon as you see the red energy on his sword.

How to defeat Elemer of Thorns

There are two main strategies in this fight: use a melee weapon to break his composure and bring him to his knees, or drain his health bar with sorcery.

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, you need to stay close and destroy his composure. Heavy weapons can do this relatively quickly, but the boss doesn’t stagger after each hit, so it can be risky. If you summon another player, both of you can spam jump heavy attacks to break the boss’s composure faster, allowing you to critically hit and take some serious damage. You can also take a bleed weapon with you to make up for the boss’s loss of blood.

Tip: His close range attacks have more predictable timing, making it easier to dodge.

Note: You only need to be careful not to be grabbed or hit by a shield strike.

Ranged strategy

The strategy for fighting the boss from a distance is quite simple. You can use Arcane Azure Tear in your Flask of Wondrous Potion to prevent your spells from consuming mana for a short time. When paired with Azura’s Comet (Affliction), you can fire a beam for over ten seconds, melting the boss’ health bar. Other spells also work well, as you can keep your distance from the boss at all times.

Tip: Watch out for long-range strikes and shoulder attacks as they need to be dodged.

You can use Faith Spells along with the Mark of Radagon Talisman on the boss to reduce their casting speed. Summoning a spirit or a player can also come in handy, as you can have them attack the boss while you blast him with your spells.

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