Elementalist Maervin in V Rising: how to find and defeat

One of the most dangerous areas in V Rising is the Hills of Silver Light. Under the complete control of the Church of Radiance, the hills are infested with dangerous high-level enemies, and many vampires have died at the hands of Initiates. The elementalist Meirvin does not interfere in everyday events and prefers to remain in her sacred grove, protecting it from anyone who dares to enter.

In this guide, you will learn where to find the elementalist Meirvin on the map, how to counter her movements and abilities, and what rewards you can get for defeating her in combat.

Where to find the Elementalist Maervin

The elementalist Mairwyn can be found guarding Amberleaf Grove, in the southeastern part of the Hills of Silverlight region.

The nearest teleporter is the Silver Hills Waygate, but to get to your destination, you’ll have to head south, through some dangerous places, and fight numerous enemies.

Luckily, the Grove itself is relatively quiet, other than Meirwyn, there are no other enemies there, so you have time to prepare ahead of time.

There are two entrances in this area, and it doesn’t really matter which one you choose to use. Meirvin has a very low damage radius, so you can get very close to her before she becomes hostile towards you.

Note: Due to the location of Maerwyn the Elementalist, it is not necessary to use the Altar of Blood to find her.

How to defeat the Elementalist Maervin

Elementalist Mairwyn deals powerful magic hits and can deal a lot of damage if you’re not prepared. She uses mostly ranged attacks, so while in melee, it will be difficult for you to dodge projectiles.

Being at a safe distance will give you plenty of time to dodge spells and be able to deal damage back without worrying about your location.

Spell “Crystal Frost Spear”

Maervin’s first ability is Crystal Frost Lance, which fires a powerful ice bolt at you that chills you on impact. If she follows him with another attack, you will freeze in place.

The duration of this spell is very long, so stay out of the way and you’ll be fine. When below 75% health, this attack transforms into a triple shot that fires three bolts in an exploded frontal cone.

Flame wheel

Maervin’s next spell is to summon a Flame Wheel of Fire Bolts. They will splash out in a powerful whirlwind, engulfing the entire room. Then the wheel will begin to rotate, changing the angle of the projectiles.

To avoid the majority, move in the direction the wheel is spinning. The bolts are very close to each other, and dodging between them will not be easy, so try to stay in safe areas.

Placing Meirwin in the center will help with this ability, as it will give you maximum space on all sides.

Orbs of Chaos

The third spell for the Elementalist is to summon small Chaos Orbs that appear near you and fly towards you at great speed.

If one of them hits you, you will be stunned, which will have a huge negative impact on the ability to dodge her other spells. As soon as you see the sphere, run in the indicated direction or use the movement ability.

Upon reaching 50% health, Meirwin will spawn not one, but three spheres with each spell. The escape strategy remains the same – it’s not worth trying to dodge all the orbs individually, especially given the other mechanics.


From time to time, Maervyn will cast a Levitate spell that lifts you into the air and transports you a short distance back.

This makes you unable to take any action, but does not deal any damage. There’s no real counter to this as the hitbox is very large, but it shouldn’t cause you to be hit by the spell and it’s a pretty unnecessary mechanic at the moment.


In addition to her growing roster of spells, Meirwin occasionally casts an Illusion that perfectly mimics her abilities and effectively doubles her damage.

The Illusion has low health, so try to determine where it is and quickly destroy it before the boss can cast any strong spell. An illusion can be identified by the amount of damage your attack deals to it.

Ultimate Ability

Maerveen’s ultimate ability is a combination of Ice Block and Flame Orb.

The ice block makes her invulnerable, but unable to perform any other action. Orb of Flame summons a massive fire orb that slowly moves and fires homing fire bolts in your direction.

The key to this combo is to position the boss between you and the orb so that it absorbs fire projectiles and keeps you safe. You probably won’t be able to knock her out of the Ice Block early on, but the only thing you’ll focus on in this phase is survival.

This fight can be pretty hectic, but as long as you stay at medium range and focus on dodging, you can wear down Marvin. No single spell is powerful enough to kill you, but some combinations can be tricky, so don’t be afraid to run a long distance if you need a few seconds to cool down.

For customization, try using a combo of Sanguine Coil and Chaos Volley, which will allow you to shorten the fight time and destroy the illusion, as well as keep you healthy if you get hit by a projectile.

Crimson Beam is a good ult as the extra healing is always useful and try to get some high quality Scholar’s Blood for even more spell drinking. The Crimson Reaper and Dawnhorn Regalia are the best gear options.

Rewards for defeating the Elementalist Mairvin

Draining the V-blood from Maerwyn the Elementalist will grant you two rewards.

crystal spear

The first is the vampire power Crystal Spear, a high damage frost spell that mimics the spell Maerwyn used during your fight. Hitting an enemy will inflict Chill, and hitting a chilled enemy with a basic attack will freeze them for four seconds.

The spear shatters on impact and fires a wave of low-damage projectiles outward from the point of impact. Although the effect of Chill on enemy players will be reduced, the spell’s damage makes it an attractive option, especially against targets that are advantageous for you to attack. By combining Crystal Spear with another freeze spell, it will be easier for you to cast freeze and you can easily create an effective crowd control combo.

Imperial thread recipe

The second reward for you will be the recipe for the Imperial Thread, which is required to create the strongest armor in the game – the Bloodmoon set.

Because of this, Meirvin becomes a must-have boss if you want to completely upgrade your character’s gear, as the power boost will help you fight the toughest opponents in the late game.

Imperial Thread can be crafted at the Loom using the following materials:

  • 12 snow flowers
  • 12 sunflowers
  • 8 wool threads

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