Dying Light 2 Bow, Crossbow and Ammo Changer Guide: Where to Find Ranged Weapons

All ranged weapons in Dying Light 2: Stay Human are mainly bows and crossbows. This may upset some, but trust me, this weapon will still make most encounters trivial. Here’s our Dying Light 2 ranged weapon guide to help you figure out bows, crossbows, and how to change ammo types.

How to get a bow in Dying Light 2

Although I explored quite a lot of the game world, I didn’t notice bows in Dying Light 2 until halfway through the campaign.

You can get your first bow as a reward for completing the “Flaring” story quest. You should have a bow and arrow crafting blueprints in your inventory. It can also be found on a radio tower in Newfound Lost Lands (Newfound Lands Military Array) on one of the ledges.

The second bow, named “Paperclip”, can be found on a chest of drawers in Lowen’s apartment while completing the “Horseshoe” quest. Also, bows of various rarities can be bought from merchants (for example, you may come across a Rusty variant).

How to get a crossbow in Dying Light 2

Meanwhile, the crossbow in Dying Light 2 is a completely different matter. As far as I know, there is only one type – the PK crossbow. It can be obtained by capturing objects and entrusting them to peacekeepers. Crossbow PK, like all blueprints of elemental bolts, you get automatically as a reward of the fourth level. Compared to the bow, which has a cock, draw, and release animation, the crossbow is semi-automatic and can be fired quickly.

Why Ranged Weapons Are Good

While firearms would be welcome in any zombie apocalypse game, bows and crossbows remain viable in Dying Light 2 for several key reasons:

  • You can stay at a distance to watch for enemies. Due to clumsy artificial intelligence, some infected will not even jump or charge you if you are on a high platform. For example, in the Timing Anomalies, you can make short work of the revenants by shooting them and dodging their poison balls;
  • Unlike melee weapons that have durability issues, ranged weapons don’t have a durability system that you need to worry about. All you have to do is craft ammo and have it in stock;
  • Ammo works similarly to melee weapon mods in that they provide elemental effects. However, unlike weapon mods, ammo types cannot be upgraded.

Crafting and Changing Ammo Types in Dying Light 2

As mentioned earlier, crossbow bolt blueprints are automatically given out as soon as you receive a PK Crossbow reward. As for the blueprints for arrows, they need to be purchased separately from NPC crafters. Next, open the Craft menu -> Ammo tab to see what you can craft. The gist is this:

  • You can make basic ammo – 10 arrows or 10 bolts – with 10 scraps and 1 feather;
  • If you need a certain type of ammo, you will need these scraps, feathers, and 1 specific material.
    • For example, 10 Fire Arrows require 1 Resin, while 10 Impact Arrows require 1 Wire.
  • Feathers can be found in birdhouses on rooftops. These are places where there are often other items, such as honey, daisies or boxes.

Once you’ve crafted ammo, simply equip your bow or crossbow in Dying Light 2 and fire with the left mouse button. If you have certain combat skills like Precise Aiming, you can even press Ctrl to enlarge the image.

If you still need to change the type of ammo, then you will need to activate the weapon scroll wheel (i.e. by default, hold down the “3” key). Select a bow or crossbow, then press “Q” or “E” to switch the ammo types you have. Remember that the ammo type switches to standard/basic every time you load, respawn, or sleep.

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