Duelist, grave keeper in Elden Ring: how to win

Grave Warden Duelist is an optional boss in Elden Ring. Players can hunt down the boss to obtain the Warhammer “Chekan” after defeating him. The dungeon where the boss is located also has three Grave Gloves, an upgrade material that may prove important in later times.

Souls-like games have always been famous for their exciting and entertaining boss fights. The optional bosses scattered around Elden Ring’s Interearth ensure that the game keeps players on their toes until they reach the next major challenge.

Where to find Duelist, Grave Keeper in Elden Ring

Duelist, Gravekeeper is located in the Dirty Catacombs in Elden Ring. The dungeon is located in the northeastern part of the Zagrave. Players can find it by jumping down into Aghel Lake.

After fighting a large group of skeletons, the tainted ones will stumble upon an area filled with slugs. Players must use fire to defeat them, or walk until they come across a door leading inside the catacombs.

The Place of Lost Grace is available right after entering the Catacombs (like most Elden Ring dungeons). Therefore, players can be sure that death in it will not require long-distance travel to restore lost runes.

After going deep into the catacombs, gamers must go forward along a small corridor leading to another room. This room also has three goblins guarding the lever. Once the tainted one defeats them, interact with the lever to open the boss room.

How to beat Duelist, Gravekeeper in Elden Ring

Duelist Gravekeeper is an easy boss in Elden Ring. While it may seem intimidating upon first encounter, its combat rhythm is simple and can be mastered quickly. When he starts to attack, he deals up to five hits with his hammers. If players dodge the boss’s attacks, he will stop swinging and head towards you. The duelist will always stop his combo when you get far away from him. Moreover, if the Duelist is far away from him, he will turn his hammer and throw it across the room at you.

What you should do during this series of attacks is stay close to him. Roll around him and try to reach his back. While he won’t stop attacking at this point, he will always end his strikes with a strong lunge that will stop his movement for a second. Use this opportunity to backstab while behind him.

After the boss falls from a critical hit, the animation of his rise will begin, as a result of which he will become immune to all types of damage. Players can count a second and then fully charge their strong attack in the middle of the animation. This will allow you to deliver another powerful blow to the warden.

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