Droid “HK-47” in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: how to open

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, the HK-47 droid is one of the most popular choices and pairs well with the dark side character KotOR II. Ultimately, HK-47 suits any character, but his overall alignment and desires fit best with the Dark Side. Ultimately, to unlock it, players need to find 4 pieces of HK-47 throughout the galaxy. This means that players can wander from planet to planet before finding the parts they need, but there is a fairly quick way to unlock it if players know where to look.

How to find the HK-47 droid as quickly as possible

Players will find the HK-47 aboard the Ebon Hawk, which will open up a quest to find parts and build it. It will take some time, but if they pick up the first two parts in the early part of the game and go to the right planet, they will be using the HK-47 for a significant part of the game.

The first two parts of the droid “HK-47”

The best advice for unlocking the HK-47 is to defeat all the HK-50 assassin droids that the player comes across and be sure to loot them. The reason is that 3 out of 4 parts can be obtained from these enemies. Before the other planets of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 galaxy open up, players need to complete Peragus and Telos. Luckily, each of them has an encounter with HK-50 (one droid on Peragus, three on Telos) that is not to be missed. Players need to make sure they loot these droids and get the HK parts on their bodies, and if they do, they will have the first two parts. These combat encounters are not to be missed.

On Peragus, players will encounter an HK-50 droid that they can talk to. Not then, but after they complete the passage, the droid will attack. This will happen when they reunite with Atton, another companion of KotOR II, and so as long as players are careful, they will get the first part after defeating him.

The second part of HK-47 can be found at the end of Telos when they are looking for the stolen Ebon Hawk. They will take a shuttle to the polar region on the surface of Telos, some time after receiving Bao-Dur, and the shuttle will crash. Players will be ambushed by three HK-50 droids, and on one of them they will find the second part.

Go to Nar Shadaa first

After completing the meeting with Atris on Telos, a map of the galaxy will open in KotOR II. Players will have the choice of heading to Onderon (which first redirects to the moon Dxun), the Sith planet Korriban, the former home of the Jedi Dantooine, or Nar Shadaa (also known as Smuggler’s Moon). These parts can be obtained from several locations on every planet, including from the droid merchant found at the very beginning on Dantooine, but first players should head to Nar Shadaa. The last two parts of the HK-47 can be obtained from Nar Shadaa.

The third part of the droid “HK-47”

Players can receive the third part of the HK-47 immediately after landing on Nar Shadaa. In the first zone, players must travel to the location shown in the image above and find a merchant droid. He will have the HK-47 part in his inventory. By this point, players should have enough credits to easily get this part.

The last part of the droid “HK-47”

Next, players will continue the main story on Nar Shadaa. Players will have to complete several side missions on the Star Wars planet before they receive a message to meet Goto. Everything goes wrong, and eventually they have to infiltrate the warehouse as T3-M4. They will have to go through this section, and at the end of it they will be ambushed by three HK-50 droids, which they will have to defeat in the role of T3-M4. This combat encounter is not to be missed.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and by finding the body of one of them, the player can pick up the last HK-47 part. After that, it remains only to finish Nar Shadaa, return to the Ebon Hawk and install the remaining parts in the destroyed HK-47.

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