Divine Skin Apostle in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Godskin Apostle is one of the recurring bosses. Unlike many other bosses, both of the options you will face are difficult and can be quite a hassle, especially in the early stages of the game. Since the bosses are optional, you can return to them later in the game if you find them difficult to deal with. The boss drops a few notable items that can be attractive if you try to cosplay the boss.

Fighting him multiple times early on can set you up to duel him in the later areas of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Divine Skin Apostle.

Apostle of Divine Skin Review

  • Location: Windmill Village, Altus Plateau and Sacred Tower in the Starry Wastes
  • Required: No
  • Summons: Players and Spirits
  • Drop:
    • Altus Plateau: 14,000 Rune, Divine Skin Flayer, Punishing Black Flame
    • Starry Wastes: 94,000 Runes, Divine Skin Apostle Armor Set
  • Weakness: Bleeding, physical damage

Two of the Divine Skin is a boss that can be found in Dominul, Windmill Village on the Altus Plateau and at the Sacred Tower of the Starry Wastes. Both encounters with the boss are optional and do not affect the ending in any way. You can summon spirits or players to help you in both fights. Both options are weak to Hemorrhage. This allows you to carry a weapon with a high bleed rate and take out the boss’s health bar relatively quickly. In terms of physical attacks, the boss will take heavy damage from piercing/piercing weapons.

Note: The boss is strong against physical hit attacks, so if you are using hammers or clubs, switch them before the fight.

By defeating both options, you will receive a full set of Divine Skin Apostle armor, a spell and his weapon.

Divine Skin Apostle Attacks

The boss has two phases and many attacks that keep the player on their toes. Most attacks telegraph slowly and can be easily avoided. The attacks worth looking out for are attacks mixed with Black Flames. They deal a lot of damage to the player over time.

Black flame

The boss raises his left hand and creates black flames. After a second, he throws a fireball at you that deals damage over time.

  • Tip: This attack can be easily avoided by rolling to either side when the boss throws a fireball. He will only use this attack if the player is at medium or long range from the boss.

Double blade strike

The apostle stabs the player with his dual blade, then pulls the player back or slashes the player.

  • Tip: Both variations of these attacks can be dodged by rolling backwards and dodging. If you dodge the blow, then the subsequent attack will definitely not go through. Being at a medium distance from the boss reduces the chances of the boss to make this attack.

Spinning dual blade

The boss spins his blade, causing it to spin endlessly, and slowly moves forward.

  • Tip: Avoiding this is very important, as a quick strike takes a huge chunk of your health. If you are at medium range, you can keep your distance until the attack ends. If the boss starts doing this from close range, then try to come up from behind and hug his back so that he does not turn around.

Jump kick

The Divine Skin Apostle jumps up and unleashes its weapon on the player.

  • Tip: After the boss jumps up and falls, dodge to either side or forward towards the boss.

shock wave

At approximately 60 percent health, the boss begins to slowly float above the ground, causing black flames to circulate. It then emits a small shockwave around it to push the player away. In the second phase, he gains several new attacks.

  • Tip: Get a few hits and run away before he unleashes a shockwave.

Extended spinning twin blade

The boss extends his upper body outward towards the player while causing his dual blade to spin and deal damage. After that, it returns to the lower body.

  • Tip: Dodging the weapon will allow you to avoid any damage and attack his lower torso until he retracts.


The apostle dashes forward to hit the player with his weapon. He then moves his entire body to where his attack landed and repeats the swinging attack.

  • Tip: This attack has a light and slow animation, making it easy to dodge to the side. You can roll away from the attack or dodge it.

Circle of black flame

The boss wraps his weapon in black flames and extends his upper body to make a circle around him, slamming the ground. The black flame stays in this place for a while and then disappears.

  • Tip: Whenever you see the boss stretch and his blade engulfed in black flames, roll away from the area to avoid getting caught in the circle.

Whirlwind of black flame

The Apostle’s weapon is covered in black flame, and he spins it above him, causing a whirlwind of black flame around him. He then slams his blade into the ground, causing an explosion.

  • Tip: Being inside the whirlwind can be frustrating, so move out of the area when the boss starts spinning his weapon. Stay away from the whirlwind, as the subsequent blade strike and explosion may hit you. Back to quick links

How to defeat the Divine Skin Apostle

You can fight the variant at Dominul on Potok, but it’s risky as dodging his attacks can be difficult on horseback. Also, if you get more than a few hits, you will fall off your horse and the boss will have enough time to attack and kill you while you get up. In addition, there are two main strategies for this fight:

Close combat strategy

The melee strategy is very effective for both options, especially when using bleeding weapons. Equipping a dual katana can increase the amount of blood on the boss. If you are using a bleeding weapon, focus your points on Affliction. Try to land a few double hits after each boss attack. You can summon a friend who can also use bleeding weapons, which will allow you to accumulate blood.

Avoid using weapons of faith and skills, as the boss has strong resistance against damage dealt by saints. Heavy weapons can also be useful, as a few jumping heavy attacks can break his posture.

Ranged strategy

For a ranged strategy, you can either syronize the boss or use various witchcraft spells until he dies. If you are frustrated with combat and have experienced it a few times already, then you can go the Cheese route. To do this, you will need Azura’s Comet. When you acquire the sorcery in the Altus Plateau, you can use it to meet him in Dominulus, as well as in the Starry Wastes if you meet him later. Place Arcane Azure Tear in your Flask of Wondrous Potion and use it when you enter combat. You can summon any spirit and then block the boss for a couple of seconds. Arcane Azure Tear will allow you to cast Azur’s Comet for over ten seconds, destroying the boss’s health bar.

If you don’t have Azur’s Comet, you can use Wondrous Flask and spam other spells like Throwing Stone, which deals high damage and can often break the boss’s composure.

General Tips

  • Reach level 60-70 or higher;
  • Throughout the fight, try to stay at a medium distance in order to have time to react to most of his deadly attacks;
  • Use heavy attacks or jumping heavy attacks to break his posture and land a critical hit;
  • Be sure to upgrade your spirit if you plan to use it in combat.

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