Darkness Draconic Smithing Stone in Elden Ring: how to get

In Elden Ring, Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones are one of the rarest yet powerful variants of blacksmithing stones. Considering how valuable this crafting item is, you’ll have to work a bit before getting your hands on it. Here’s where to find the Draconic Obscurant Smithing Stone and what they do.

Where to find Dark Dragon Smithing Stone

To find the Darkness Dragonsmith Stone you need to visit several places. The first can be found in a chest under a huge statue in Mogwyn Castle at the midpoint of the dynasty’s mausoleum. The other one can be obtained from a hidden chest between two pillars near a rooftop with a corpse carrying an item. It can be found after the Place of Grace “Church” in the Heart of the Erd Tree.

For many players, there is a place near the place of grace on the roof of the dragon temple, where you need to show a little stealth and luck. This area is infested with bird and dragon enemies, but behind it is a Darkness Dragon Smithing Stone that can be picked up in the center of the covered area. In the Place of Grace, players can slowly move around the dragon to pick up an item without having to engage in combat.

You can also get Dark Dragon Smithing Stone by completing the quest NPC Latenna. It can be found in front of Lake Lyurnia’s Slumbering Wolf’s shack, though players will need to complete the dungeon first to gain access to it. Basically, the players promise to take Latenna to the Heart of the Erd Tree, where she will volunteer to be the summoner of Ash’s spirit. After arriving in the Renegade Wasteland at the Consecrated Snowfield, players should summon Latenna at the foot of the Giant Albinauric Woman, where she will reward you with the Darkness Draconic Forgestone.

What does the Dark Dragon Smithing Stone do?

With one Darkness Dragonstone in hand, you’ll want to head to the blacksmith in the Round Table Keep. Although these gems cost 2,000 runes, you shouldn’t be tempted to sell them as they upgrade special weapons to the highest level in the game (+10). Special weapons are usually unique versions that are rewarded for defeating bosses or discovering them in secrets.

In a conversation with the blacksmith, a new line of dialogue will appear regarding the Godslayer. By selecting this option, you will be able to upgrade the special weapon to the maximum level, as well as get the “God Slayer” achievement.

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