Daily quests in Tower of Fantasy: everything you need to know

While significant advancement in Tower of Fantasy is a long-term goal, there are still many ways to earn rewards every day. It’s not just about login bonuses: you can earn additional gachas, upgrade materials, currency and other materials that will help you replenish your arsenal of simulacra and weapons and keep them in combat shape.

Here are all the tasks that you must complete every day in Tower of Fantasy.

Daily quests and rewards

When the Tower of Fantasy Daily Reload occurs at 5:00 AM ET, many more and more quests are reloaded along with it. Completing these seven daily quests will give you experience, materials, gold, cores, and other rewards.

Daily quests

Each day brings four new daily quests available in the Featured section of the Adventure Log. In these missions, you will have to fight various world mini-bosses and defeat several specific enemies. You will receive experience, gold, one black or gold core, a password chip, and several upgrade materials. Later in the game, they won’t be enough to level up, but they will help you reach your next goal.

Spend life force, collect Omnium beacons

You gain one point of life force every eight minutes, so depending on when you return to Tower of Fantasy you will probably have 80-150 points of life force to spend. Go on a joint operation, interstellar exploration, or other activity in the Choice section to get upgrade materials and crystal dust. If you have installed Omnium Beacons, collect them as well.

Continuation of a story

The history of Tower of Fantasy is tied to time, new chapters are opened every morning with a daily restart. Every time you log into the game, go through the story campaign, as it gives a lot of experience and materials.

Visit Mia’s Kitchen

Another recommended item: visit Mia’s Kitchen – it’s an incredibly easy way to earn XP, gold and materials, as well as get powerful, albeit temporary, buffs to damage, resistance, and other benefits. A maximum of three tasty items can be obtained from the Kitchen each day, refreshed at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM ET.

Daily Reward

Another free way to get your hands on some extra materials and currency is through the Daily Reward, available from the Daily Supply Box screen in the Shop. There is not much in it, but it does not require any other actions than clicking the mouse button.

Check Simulacrum Logs

By giving gifts to your simulacra, you will eventually unlock journals – text conversations with your character that you can complete to your heart’s content. They are sometimes updated daily, so if you’re pretty advanced in awakening the Simulacrum, take a look in the Friends menu and see if there are any new messages there.

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