Cursed Great Tree in Dark Souls 3: how to win

In Dark Souls 3, the Curse-Rotted Greatwood is a boss that spawns in the Undead Settlement. The boss, a giant tree, has human-like limbs and egg bags on its body. In addition, the boss fight consists of two phases, and each of them takes place in a separate arena. You will be able to defeat the boss easily as you will only have to focus on a few things and not the overall boss fight.

Before defeating the boss, be sure to find the Kurgan covenant, as entering the covenant before the boss is quite simple. If you defeat the boss, you’ll have to come back here later and take a few extra steps to join the Covenant. Here’s everything you need to know about the Cursed Great Tree.

Cursed Great Tree Overview

  • Location: Undead Settlement
  • Required: No
  • Drops: Transposition Furnace, Soul of the Rotting Greatwood
  • Summons: Players
  • Weakness: Physical damage, fire

The Cursed Great Tree is located at the end of the Undead Settlement. The boss fight is optional and not required to complete the game. Defeating the boss will reward you with a Transposition Furnace, which you can give to Ludleth to enable Soul Transposition. This will allow you to get weapons, rings, and boss spells from their souls.

Cursed Great Tree Attacks

The boss has several attacks that he alternates. Attacks to watch out for are body punches and consecutive punches.

body blow

The boss slams his body to the ground, dealing AOE damage and forming a pool of caustic liquid. While standing in the pool, you take damage over time. The pool dissipates after a few seconds.

  • Tip: When you see the boss jump to his feet, you need to run or roll away from him. When the boss falls, you can enter it and land a few hits before rolling away from the pool.


The Cursed Great Tree will put one hand on the ground and spin 360, causing its arms and legs to fly around and hit you.

  • Tip: You can either block or roll over the limbs when you see them flying towards you.


The boss uses his hand to slam the ground several times.

  • Tip: Try to dodge all punches to the side. These attacks are not tracked, so if you manage to dodge one of the attacks, you can avoid all the others.


The Cursed Great Tree reaches out and grabs the player. It then pins the player to the ground.

  • Tip: Don’t stand near the hand, as the boss can grab you in succession.

The fall

The boss falls on his back when you try to attack the egg bags on his back.

  • Tip: By running to the side, you will avoid this attack and be able to land a few hits before the boss rises.

How to defeat the Cursed Great Tree

The boss fight with the cursed Greatwood is not traditional. Mainly because this enemy does not take damage to most parts of his body. At the beginning of the fight, you will see egg bags sticking out of several parts of his body. Destroying these pouches is the only way to damage the boss.

Tip: A good weapon with high slash or charge damage can destroy bags relatively quickly.

If you choose the Conjuration class, get close to the bags and use White Dragon’s Breath to destroy them. It can be obtained by defeating Oceiros, the Devourer, and transplanting his soul for sorcery. Since Cursed Greenwood is an optional fight, you can return to it later in the game.

A nice benefit of playing the Pyromancy class is that the boss is weak to fire attacks. This will allow you to throw fireballs at the bags, exploding them in seconds.

Tip: Try not to block during the entire fight, as the feature will block the boss, not the bags.

Tip: If you manage to eliminate all the enemies around the boss before he wakes up, you can skip the first phase. This will also prevent the boss from using enemies to make them fall on you.

After the boss gets more than half of his health, the arena will break and you and the boss will fight in the arena below. The boss will now have an arm sticking out of its stomach that it can use to hit and grab the player to damage them.

After destroying the bags that are easy to reach, you can focus on dealing damage to the white hand as it takes a lot of damage. If you’re in the shooter class, you can ignore the arm and focus on the eggbags on your upper body, which are hard for melee players to hit.

General Tips

  • Be level 20-25 or higher
  • Clear the enemies in the arena before the boss encounter
  • Focus on destroying every egg bag you see
  • Try not to get close to the white hand that grabs you from the front

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