Crucible Knight in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Crucible Knight is one of the sixteen ancient Godfrey knights. Enter the Knight’s Evergaol and defeat this boss to obtain a powerful spell for faith-based formations.

For veterans of the souls-like genre, the Crucible Knight is very similar to the Black Knight, dealing massive damage with slow strikes. For those who want to take down one of the toughest Elden Ring bosses in the early game, bring along a good weapon and shield. Here is a complete guide to defeating the Crucible Knight.

About Crucible Knight

  • Location: Storm Hill Prison, Graveyard
  • Spirit Calls: No
  • Drops: Aspects of the Furnace: Tail
  • Weakness: Parry

Crucible Knight is the first prison boss you will find in Elden Ring. The dungeons act as prisons that contain optional bosses that can be found in the Interearth. We want to emphasize “optional” as Crucible Knight is probably the hardest boss you’ll find early in the game. He hits hard, has a lot of composure, and has a few wide AoE attacks in his second phase. We recommend that you fight this boss later. For those who want to fight the Crucible Knight at the very beginning of the playthrough, bring along a shield that can be parried and the most powerful weapon you wield.

Crucible Knight Attacks

Crucible Knight has two phases, the second comes when he loses about half his health. This fight is very similar to the fights with the Black Knight from Dark Souls: slow but strong blows destroy your health bar. Despite its strength, Crucible Knight is quite slow, resulting in some of the clearest attack telegraphs of any boss in Elden Ring. Here’s what you’re up to:

First phase attacks

Top to bottom (two options)

The Crucible Knight will raise his blade above his head before striking you for a three-hit combo. If he raises it above the left side of his head (to your right), the attack will go a little slower.

  • Tip: Parry the first hit or run around the boss during his combo attacks.

Drag Strike

The Crucible Knight sweeps his sword across the ground, then strikes with a mighty blow. This attack deals much more damage than other sword swings, so be careful.

  • Tip: Parry or throw a second after the attack starts or when the knight begins to raise his shoulder.

cross punch

Running forward, Crucible Knight attacks you with a horizontal slash of his sword. This attack usually occurs if there is a significant distance between you and the boss.

  • Tip: Roll to the side or towards the boss the moment he stops moving.


The Crucible Knight will charge at you with a sword. This attack usually occurs when there is a significant distance between you and the boss, or if you are healing.

  • Tip: Parry or dodge the moment the knight moves his shoulder.

Shield Bash

Only when the boss blocks a blow will Crucible Knight slam his shield into the ground and then point it towards you. If it hits, you will be knocked down.

  • Tip: Roll to the right when the shield hits the ground, about a second after the attack starts.

Earthquake (two options)

Crucible Knight stomps his foot, creating a small earthquake that can stun your character. Following this, he will inflict either a swing from above or a two-handed blow. The two-handed variant can start a multi-hit combo from the boss.

  • Tip: Dodge the second the boss raises a knee, preferably towards the knight. If possible, parry the blow with the sword that follows immediately.

Second phase attacks

English braid

When the second phase starts, the Crucible Knight will raise his sword and soon after will grow a pair of wings. He will take off into the air and fly towards you, the sword will be dragged under his body.

  • Tip: Roll to the right when the knight’s sword touches the ground.

Tail kick (two options)

Crucible Knight will grow a disembodied tail and hit you with it. If the tail does not disappear immediately after the first hit, the boss will swing its tail a second time over a much larger area.

  • Tip: Roll immediately after the end of the sonic burst for the ability. To get a double hit combo, roll a little after the first tail swing is over.

How to defeat the Crucible Knight

Most heroes will have to rely on dodge and distance to take down Crucible Knight, although melee heroes will have a little easier time in this fight. Ranged heroes don’t have a large arena to play with, so it’s a good idea to bring a spare melee weapon or shield with you to parry.


This boss is very easy to parry, even for players who are not used to parries. We strongly recommend that you purchase a shield capable of parrying attacks, and then learn how to properly time the parry with the attacks of the boss. You are guaranteed to get a critical hit on the boss for every parry, and almost all of his attacks can be parried.

The general rhythm of this fight would look something like this:

  • Wait for the boss to raise the sword;
  • Parry the attack;
  • Land a critical hit;
  • Repeat.

You won’t be able to parry Crucible Knight’s magical attacks, but they will appear infrequently in this fight. Remember to dodge when he grows wings or a tail, parry all sword strikes and stay calm. Panic is a sure way to die.

Keep your distance

You can lure the Crucible Knight to use a strike or a slash attack while keeping a distance and using an object. Run up, use a throwing knife or any item, and then use your ranged weapon or spell to damage the boss. If the boss raises his shield, dash towards him to draw out the attack. This is a much more dangerous method than the parry strategy we talked about above, but it’s the best chance to damage the boss.


  • When Crucible Knight raises his shield, he will almost always charge you with the shield. Ready your shield to parry the boss when he raises his shield;
  • Consider using Ashes of War which grants composure or counter shields;
  • Heal only when the boss is actively swinging the sword so as not to knock down the animation of the flask;
  • Crucible Knight cannot use his second phase attacks until he has used Angelic Scythe at least once. Parry stuns on the boss can prevent the boss from using these attacks for most of the fight;
  • Dungeon Bosses are challenging game content designed for veteran players and high level characters. Consider fighting this boss later in the game.

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