Crown Ranks in Fall Guys: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it’s all about earning crowns, the coveted reward given to the winners of this unique RPG. Previously, crowns served primarily as an in-game currency that was used to purchase various cosmetic items offered in the store, but this is no longer the case.

Now, the only purpose of earning Crowns is to increase your Crown Rank, a rating given to players based on the number of Crowns they have earned throughout their career. Learn everything you need to get crowns and rank up, providing you with unique in-game cosmetics that vary in item type and rarity.

Crown rank system

Your Crown rank is determined based on the number of crowns you’ve earned in your entire Fall Guys career, which means it rolls over from season to season. Players can earn crowns in a variety of ways, all of which increase your crown rank.

First, you can earn crowns for winning the shows you are on. If you play in a solo playlist, then for each victory you will receive a Crown, and for performances of duos, trios and squads, you will receive Crown Shards. Winning a Duo Show will earn you 35 Crown Shards, a Trio Show will earn you 25 Crown Shards, and a Squad Show will earn you 20 Crown Shards. Once players have accumulated 60 Crown Shards, they can be exchanged for a Crown, which will increase their rank.

In addition, players have access to tasks, each of which requires the completion of a specific task in the game. For completing some of them, you will receive Crown Shards as a reward, which will also replenish your Crown rating. Use these methods to earn Crowns and Crown Shards by increasing your Crown rank and earning rewards.

Note: Crowns earned through promotions such as Prime Gaming or purchased content usually also count toward your Crown rank.

Crown ranks and awards

There are currently 54 crown ranks in the game, each requiring a certain amount of crowns to reach. This amount increases with each Crown rank, and a total of 4,500 crowns is required to reach the highest rank. All 54 Crown ranks provide a variety of rewards, including cosmetic items such as patterns, nameplates, and costumes. Below is information on each of these crown ranks, along with the amount of crowns required and the reward received.

Crown Ranks Ranking Reward Career Crowns Required 1 No Reward 0 2 Kingswood (Color) 1 3 Balloon (Banner) 3 4 Rosette (Pattern) 5 5 Jumping Bean (Nickname) 7 6 Purple Gaze (Frontplate) 13 7 Falling Rainbow (Banner) ) 17 8 Simply Peach (nickname) 21 9 Coral (pattern) 26 10 Crocodile (Lower Suit) 34 11 Shimmering Sea (color) 41 12 Fall Face (Banner) 46 13 Crocodile (Costume Top) 51 14 Ice Cream (Lower Suit) 56 15 Best Performer (Nickname) 63 16 Ice Cream (Top) 77 17 Ice Crown (Banner) 93 18 Bobbot (Bottom) 112 19 Starlight (Color) 134 20 Ornament (Pattern) 160 21 Bobbot (Top) 189 22 Dressed to Relax (Nickname) 219 23 Golden Witch (Bottom Suit) 254 24 Tagged (Banner) 294 25 Pop Art (Pattern) 339 26 Biggest Fan (Nickname) 389 27 Golden Witch (Top Suit) 444 28 Qualified (Banner) ) 504 29 Freezy Dream (Color) 569 30 Golden Chicken (bottom suit) 639 31 Arches (Pattern) 714 32 Vesel Bean (Nickname) 794 33 Crown Master (Color) 879 34 Golden Chicken (Top Suit) 969 35 Hex-a-Gone King (Banner) 1064 36 King Carpet (Colored) 1164 37 Golden Wolf (Lower Suit) 1269 38 Number One (Nameplate) 1379 39 Untouchable (Color) 1494 40 Coral Gradient (Pattern) 1614 41 Golden Wolf (Top) 1739 42 Royal (Pattern) 1869 43 Royal Purple (Color) 2004 44 Rosette (Nameplate) 2144 45 Tiger Stripes ( Pattern) 2289 46 Barnstormer (Nickname) 2439 47 Abstraction (Pattern) 2589 48 Golden Knight (Lower Suit) 2739 49 Gold (Nameplate) 2889 50 Golden Knight (Upper Suit) 3039 51 Golden Dragon (Lower Suit) 3289 52 Golden Dragon (suit top) 3589 53 Marble (Lower suit) 3939 54 Marble (suit top) 4500

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