Crafting in The Cycle: Frontier: Everything You Need to Know

The word “cycle” is a good description when it comes to how The Cycle: Frontier handles crafting. Collect salvage from Fortuna III and turn it into useful gear and weapons to help you get your hands on even more exotic crafting parts and equipment. It’s an endless and repetitive cycle that you’ll be in from the very beginning, but it’s the only way to get stronger.

The requirements are not overly complex, and the process of assembling junk into something useful is fairly simplified. This might seem a little odd to those used to the more practical crafting mechanics in other games, but here’s The Cycle: Frontier’s crafting guide to explain it all.

Where to craft items in The Cycle: Frontier?

First of all, every craft game has a craft spot or a vendor to throw a pocket full of trash towards. In the case of The Cycle: Frontier, you will be very friendly to the gear printer in the center of the space station. It is located on the right side if you are facing the capsule, or on the left if the capsule is behind you.

In the printer menu, you will find many options for creating items, ranging from basic consumables to armor and weapons with a wide variety of characteristics. Nothing comes for free, and some recipes can be quite complex and expensive. So head to the planet ASAP if you want to craft in The Cycle: Frontier.

How does crafting work in The Cycle: Frontier?

The crafting mechanic in The Cycle: Frontier is pretty easy to learn. All you need is the right details and a couple of crypto stamps to cover the costs, then you just hit the create button and you’re done. Simple, easy and not very deep. Unusually, instead of giving you an item right away or letting you watch the progress bar fill up, you have to wait.

Real time must pass before the item is completed, and the more exotic and complex the item you want to get, the longer you have to wait. Most low-level items require only a few minutes of waiting. But, unfortunately, you will have to spend several hours on large toys. This can be accelerated by using credits, and although they are a little expensive at first, they decrease over time, so if you are low on money, you will have to wait until the time runs out.

Crafting tips for The Cycle: Frontier

The craft can require a lot of resources and time, and for beginners, this can be an overwhelming task. It is very easy to spend all the credits and expensive items on the wrong things. In addition, mining parts for some rare items can require a huge amount of resources and time.

As you descend to the planet again and again, this can quickly get boring. So to make your workstone grinding process easier and your crafting tasks easier, here are some helpful tips worth knowing about the Gear Printer.

Start Small

As you start to get your head around this, the best crafting advice in The Cycle: Frontier is to start small. More powerful weapons and thicker armor might seem like the first thing, but newbies might be better off with that.

At first, you will die often, and more powerful equipment is very expensive and will simply burn your digital wallet. Instead, choose cheaper and lower quality items that will allow you to survive and be able to forage for food. For example, small backpacks, a pistol or two pistols, and a few health supplies will keep you going for the long haul and also allow you to stock up on money for the future.

Learn Recipes

Knowing the crafting recipes in The Cycle: Frontier can be incredibly useful. There are a lot of items to collect here, and all the things you can craft have their own unique crafting requirements. Some are harder to get than others, but knowing what to collect and what to throw away can save you a lot of time.

For example, most metals and monster parts, algae fibers, smart grids and processors are always worth grabbing. They can be recycled into armor or other useful equipment that you will use on a permanent basis. Write down important things or use the craft tracker to find out where items you need usually spawn. Once you have a solid supply of these items, you can start crafting more complex items much later.

Set a goal

Another great tip for crafters is to set a goal for what you want to do. Whether it’s upgrading your current podshopnik or saving money to purchase high-end equipment. It helps to have a plan when you open Gear Printer.

You can waste a lot of time and resources working alone, or even more if you’re working with a group, chasing a subject that might not be worth it. Take the time to understand what you need and what you need to get for this. Items are hard to come by on the planet below, so know what and where you need to get it.

Don’t shorten the time

The crafting timer can become your nemesis quite early on, and it’s always tempting to blow some cash to speed up the process. But you should not do this. By reducing time, you are simply burning money that is better spent elsewhere.

This is especially important when it comes to more exotic gear, as it can be very expensive to make just one. Once you’ve paid for an item for the first time, it’s already yours, so just wait. Make more drops, or leave the game open and do something else to kill time. Just don’t pay to shorten the timer, it’s not worth it.

Issuing loot at the end of the game takes a long time

It is impossible not to stress how much time the game takes. If you don’t invest some premium currency, it will take you a long time to get to the end game gear. The yield from dropped items, be it resources or credits, is often low: legendary weapons cost between five and six figures in credits, and getting strong enough to get the parts needed to physically craft them is an impossible task.

Note: Even though the legendary weapons are extremely powerful, you will rarely find those who use them. The arsenal of faction leaders is much more varied in strength and type.

Even the creation of one legendary weapon in the printer will take several hours, and each part will take at least 20 hours. Imagine all that time and resources spent getting top-notch gear, only to lose it forever the next time you fall in a gunfight or during a difficult loot. Despite the fact that they give a huge bonus in combat, given how much of a gamble it is and how much time and resources they can take. In the long run, they are not worth doing.

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