Crafting guide in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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The game has a standard crafting system – the player can create various stones, gems, etc.

How to craft magical shards, ethereal reagents and other items in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – about this in our guide


The most common item you will craft. Improve specific performance. They have different rarity and type.

Attack, defense and support can be improved with gems. If you cross them, the bonus will be determined randomly. As in all games, the “higher quality” a stone is, the more noticeable the increase in characteristics it will give.

Essential reagents

These reagents have special magical properties:

Tear of the Abyss – Replaces a magical effect on an item with a different one. Which one depends on the reagent.

Orb of Entropy – able to replace all magical effects on an item

Echo Ohm – also replaces the magical effect, but completely random.

Eriban Tear – if there is an empty slot in the item, it will be possible to add a magical property.

Greater Eriban Tear is the same as a normal tear, but can be used on legendary and exotic items.

genesis stones

Using this, you can get a powerful ability of another class. A warrior will be able to get an archer skill and vice versa. They are rare.

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