Constellations of Shikanoin Heizo in Genshin Impact: Constellation Guide

For some characters in Genshin Impact, constellations are the main factor that determines their abilities. Some units are only good when a certain Constellation is unlocked, especially 4 star characters. For example, Kujo Sara is not very good as an attack buffer at C0, but at C6 she becomes the best support for Electro characters.

Meanwhile, Shikanoin Heizo may not suffer the same fate as Kujou Sara, but his constellations could make him a better unit too.

How the constellations of Shikanoin Heizo work

While he can work just fine without them, some of Heizo’s constellation passives greatly increase his DPS potential. This puts Heizo in a difficult situation where his constellations are good but not needed. In general, players who want to get the Heizo Constellations should not think about any particular Constellation, as C0 will be enough for him.

C1: Young Investigator’s Journal

  • Effect: For 5 sec. after Heizo enters the field, the SPD of his normal attack is increased by 15%. He also gains 1 level of Deflection Heart Kill. The effect can occur once every 10 sec.
  • Importance: High

Heizo’s C1 passive buffs his normal attack SPD, which is essential for gathering Deflection stacks faster. Of course, in order for the stacks to work, Heizo must summon a Whirlwind against the enemy. So faster normal attacks and getting one stack when entering the field will definitely increase his DPS.

C2: Investigation Compilation

  • Effect: The pull of the Storm Tunnel created by Storm Strike increases, and the duration increases to 1 second.
  • Importance: Low

Heizo’s Super is his Elemental Skill, but his Elemental Burst can also deal some serious damage. C2 Heizo’s passive ability enhances his ability to pull enemies when he releases his Elemental Burst. While effective to some extent, it’s not a game changer since it’s only one second of extra pull and it’s not noticeable enough in the first place.

C4: A collection of nonsense

  • Effect: The first explosion of the Eye of the Hurricane in each Hurricane Strike heals Heizo’s Shikanoin for 9 health. elemental energies. Each subsequent explosion restores an additional 1.5 HP. energies of Heizo. Heizo energies.
  • Importance: Medium

And again, strengthening Heizo’s second most powerful ability instead of his best. The C4 passive does not increase the damage of Elemental Burst, instead it gives him the ability to regenerate energy faster and use Elemental Burst earlier. In most cases, the fourth constellation of Heizo is not needed, since he still only needs 40 energy for his ultimate.

C6: Strange Evidence Inventory

  • Effect: Each level of Deflection increases the chance of crit. Activated Hit Hits Kill the heart by 4%. When Heizo has a Right mind, the chance of a crit. Hits with this hit increase Heart Kill by 32%.
  • Importance: Priority

Finally, Heizo’s Elemental Skill got a direct damage boost. His skill is already powerful, easily dealing 60,000+ damage on hit. Increasing his internal Crit Ratio and Crit Power will further boost Heizo’s C6 hit in Genshin Impact.

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