Complete guide to multiplayer in Elden Ring

The multiplayer component in Elden Ring supports co-op play, PvP incursions, and gives the community the tools to alleviate the summoning issues seen in previous installments of the game. In this guide, we’ll cover how to summon allies to play together, capture other players for PvP activities, and how to use Elden Ring’s many multiplayer items to enhance your experience.

Differences from previous From Software games

If you’re familiar with how multiplayer works in Dark Souls or Bloodborne, here are the most notable differences between those games and Elden Ring:

  • During a single player game, you cannot be invaded by other players. Players need to take part in the invasion using the Hunter’s Tongue item:
    • AI ghosts can still invade single player during some stages of the game.
  • Elden Ring borrows most of the multiplayer elements from Dark Souls 3:
    • The Summong group is based on your character level and the most upgraded weapon;
    • When selecting players for the invasion, preference is given to hosts with cooperative phantoms;
    • Phantoms have half as many flask charges.
  • You cannot use your mount while the phantoms are on your world, friendly or otherwise;
  • Added summoning pools to some dungeons, making it easier to find summoning signs;
  • Passwords are back from DS3 and group passwords have been added to make organizing social events easier.

How to play with friends in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has an odd approach to co-op play compared to other RPGs. Co-op play requires two things:

  • Summon Pool;
  • Someone needs to activate your call sign.

Right after you activate the first Grace Shrine in the tutorial, you’ll find a corpse with the Curled Finger of the Extinct. Using it, you will create a Pool of Summoning, which will allow other players to summon you to their world. Hosts will need to activate a challenge sign in their world in order to summon you. Once you’ve been called, you can get to work.

Note: Golden Pools of Summoning are players who cooperate with each other. Red Summon Pools are players who wish to participate in PvP.

There are a few caveats regarding playing Elden Ring cooperatively:

  • Once you defeat the boss, all summoned phantoms will go to their worlds. You will need to re-summon them if you want to play co-op again;
  • As long as there are allied phantoms in your world, there is a chance that an enemy player will invade. Invasions are PvP skirmishes with other players;
  • You cannot use your mount or spirits during a multiplayer game;
  • For phantoms, the number of flasks used is halved, rounded down;
  • You won’t always be able to find an Ally’s Summon Sign when it’s placed:
    • This can be fixed if both players use the same password.
  • Due to the large difference in player levels, pools of summoning may not appear:
    • This can be fixed if both players use the same password.

At any given time, two allied phantoms may be present in the game. Other than that rather long list of limitations, co-op works exactly as you’d expect. Ghosts can use buff spells to affect their allies, draw the attention of enemies, and help kill bosses.

Use of passwords

Usually, the pools of summoning that you find in the world are randomly selected. To ensure that your friends can see each other’s summon pools, you can use passwords. Setting a password is very simple:

  • Press “Escape” (PC) or “Start” (Console) to open the menu selection screen;
  • Select “Multiplayer”;
  • Press “F” (PC), Complete guide to multiplayer in Elden Ring — Xbox or – PlayStation to open the advanced settings menu;
  • Enter the password for the multiplayer or group game.

Attention: Passwords do not affect intrusions. You can still be attacked by players who don’t have the right password.

Your password will remain active until you change it, even if you restart the game. Elden Ring also has group passwords to help community members organize events with each other. If you enter a group password, you are more likely to encounter pools of summoning, messages, and bloodstains of players with the same group password.

Effects of martyrs

Some Elden Ring dungeons and zones have Martyr Statues that collect all Summoning Pools into a single pool. You can interact with these statues to display pools of summoning from this pool. Players can add themselves to this pool by using the Lesser Golden Effigium item in their inventory. Use this item a second time to collect your Challenge Mark from the Martyr’s effect.

How to enter PvP (other player’s world)

Invading another player’s world is much easier than playing cooperatively. Use the Blood Finger consumable to invade another player’s world. Once in their world, your goal is to kill the host player; you don’t have to kill their accompanying phantoms.

Like co-op, there are some limitations in PvP:

  • All players (including invaders) cannot use mounts or spirits;
  • Phantom flask charges are halved;
  • AI enemies will not attack invading players;
  • Invading players cannot enter boss arenas.

Note: Remember that solo players must participate in invasions. You will almost always be in the minority. Plan accordingly.

You won’t get as much treatment as the host, but you will have the element of surprise. Use all the means at your disposal to defeat the master. If they defeat the boss of this zone, you will be sent back to your world.

How to keep other players out

If you love co-op and want to counter enemy invasions, you can use the White Cipher Ring to call on other players to help in an invasion. Only one player can be summoned this way (he can be recognized by the blue ghostly glow). If you want to help other players fight off the invaders, you can use the Blue Cipher Ring to automatically teleport to worlds that are currently being invaded. Both items can be obtained from Roundtable Hold, the central area that opens a few hours after the start of the game.

How to write messages

You may have noticed strange messages scrawled on the floor during your adventure. These are messages left by fellow players. Messages allow you to combine several words and sentences into a short line, which allows you to indicate danger or troll comrades. Like the pools of summoning, you can create your own messages for other players to find. Players can also rate messages they find in the world.

Crafting a message requires the Conjurer’s Finger consumable, a required item found in the Waiting Chapel. Use this item to create a short message at your current location. Players in other worlds can read your message and rate it positively or negatively. The message must be made up of predefined options, but you have quite a few options. Use messages to alert players to danger, inform them of a nearby item, or trick them into falling off the map. Your posts can be as informative (or dirty) as you see fit.

Multiplayer Items

Multiplayer in Elden Ring isn’t all about spawning and invading. There are a huge number of items that you can use to interact with other players in the Interearth. Let’s take a look at each multiplayer item in Elden Ring and its purpose:

PvE Items Element Effect Acquisition Tarnished’s Curled Finger Creates a summon sign for co-op play. Found on a corpse near the first Place of Grace. Required for progress. Small Golden Effigy Adds a Co-op Summon Sign to the nearest Martyr Effigy. Obtained from the first effigy of the martyr you interact with. You can find it a few steps east of the First Step. Wrinkled Finger of Tarnished Sends a message at your location for others to find. Found in the Chapel of Waiting. Required for progress. White Cipher Ring While active, a friendly blue phantom will spawn when invaded. Sold by Gemini Virgo at the Round Table for 1000 Runes. Blue Cipher Ring While you are active, you will be transported to the captured world in the form of a blue phantom. Sold by Gemini Virgo at the Round Table for 1000 Runes. PvP Items Element Effect Acquisition Festering Blood Finger Invade someone’s world. Consumed when used. Speak with Whitefaced Varre in the Rose Church. Blood Finger Invade someone’s world. Has an infinite number of uses. Complete the NPC quest in Rose Church. Defiant finger Invade someone’s world. Differs in narration from Bloodfinger. Complete the Volcano Manor quest line. Coiled Duelist’s Finger Creates a PvP Summon Sign. Found on a corpse in the Stormhill Coliseum. Small Red Effigy Adds your PvP Summon Token to a nearby Martyr Effigy. Obtained from the first effigy of the martyr you interact with. You can find it a few steps east of the First Step. Taunter’s Tongue Allows you to be invaded while playing alone. Reduces the maximum number of allied phantoms to one. Increases the maximum number of phantom invaders to two. Decreases the intrusion block timer between each intrusion. Currently unknown.

Summon Radius

To prevent late-game players from pushing newcomers, Elden Ring has a challenge range system that ensures that players will play with players around their current power level. Elden Ring uses two criteria to determine who you can play with (or against):

  • The current level of your character;
  • The highest weapon upgrade you have equipped.

As you level up your character, the potential group of players you can play with increases. Level 100 players will not be able to match with level 13 players and vice versa. The same applies to weapon upgrades: whoever has a +10 sword will not be placed in the same group as the new characters. However, players can use passwords to bypass both call restrictions in co-op lobbies. Over-leveled characters using passwords will have their stats lowered to match the weakest player in that lobby.

We don’t know the exact match ranges for Elden Ring, but they appear to be similar to the summon ranges in Dark Souls 3. Check out the Dark Souls 3 Fextralife Wiki page on summon ranges for a rough idea of ​​how matchmaking works in Elden Ring. We will update this guide as soon as the community knows the meanings of the Elden Ring summoning ranges.

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