Class and work in Triangle Strategy: everything you need to know

Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG from Square Enix. This gripping tale of corruption, greed, politics, war and slavery touches in depth on some heavy themes as players fight for their lives. While this story continues on a trail of blood that players choose through various beliefs and choices in Triangle Strategy, they also need to level up and upgrade their characters in order to win battles.

Levels vs Classes in Triangle Strategy

Players who are getting their hands on this JRPG for the first time might be wondering what the difference is between leveling up and leveling up. In this game, units gain a level by completing missions in combat that grant XP. Attacking, using items, and using special abilities all give units XP, bringing them closer to Triangle Strategy’s max level, which is 50.

On the other hand, leveling up depends on the class of the unit. All story units start as recruits and can be upgraded to Veteran level. This will change their class, add new moves and make the unit better. Leveling up from Rookie to Veteran occurs when players use the Camp Bravery Medal and the unit reaches level 10 or higher.

Additional characters in the Triangle strategy can start at Veteran level. All a veteran needs to do to level up their class again is to reach level 20 and use the Medal of Valor in camp.

Classes in Triangle Strategy

Here is an example of how classes change in Triangle Strategy. The main character of the story, Serenoa Volfort, can be upgraded twice.

  • Rookie – swordsman
  • Veteran Swordsman: Gives Serenoa additional active and passive skills to fight at levels 10 and 15
  • Elite – Master of the Sword: Grants Serenoa an additional active skill for combat at level 20

Unfortunately, these are the only class options for Serenoa in the game; players cannot select a skill tree or other set of classes. The characters in Triangle Strategy are not very customizable, which means that players will have to change one of the 30 other playable characters in the game if they want to get different skills from their squad.

Professions in Triangle Strategy

As with classes, players should not expect professions in Triangle Strategy to be customizable. Instead, it is better for players to choose the types of professions they want among the units, rather than trying to change the units themselves. The types of jobs that units in a game can have are typical of any RPG:

  • Healing and support units
  • DPS and ranged
  • Tanks and melee

Healing units cannot be changed into any other units in the game, so players will have to change character rather than trying to turn one of these units into something it is not. However, there are so many possible combinations of units in Triangle Strategy that players shouldn’t have any trouble building their dream team.

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