Carian Knight Lunogrum in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Moongrum Carian Knight is the guardian of Raya Lukaria Academy’s Great Library and is the last line of defense against intruders who want to kill the Academy’s chief sorcerer. Like you, Lunogrum is able to wield two weapons, a shield, can use sorcery, and even use flasks to restore health. A true warrior of Raya Lukaria.

How to defeat the Carian Knight Lunogrum

Attacks and weaknesses

Carian Knight Lunogrum, wears the armor of an enchanted knight (a class that was later changed to Prisoner). He doesn’t have particularly complex moves based on movement, but his moveset is nonetheless intimidating. In addition to being able to parry the player’s attacks on a seemingly whim of his own, he has several punitive arcane spells that are hard to dodge.

The Carian Knight Lunogrum acts much like the player does. He has his own flask of healing that can be used once, and his moves seem to be directly inspired by the game’s PvP tactics. It appears to be weak to poison damage and resistant to magic damage (albeit slightly). In many ways, this fight is almost exactly the same as fighting an experienced player.

Lunogrum attacks

  • Parry: Lunogrum’s most annoying move – he can parry almost any attack made against him and deliver a critical hit that will almost certainly kill you without high power. There is no way to avoid this, except to use moves that cannot be parried, such as colossal weapon heavy attacks, flails, jump attacks, and ranged attacks.
  • Sword Strike: Lunogrum has two types of weapons: sword and shield and staff. He usually attacks with a sword, but he has a dashing piercing attack that can punish you for wasting time healing. Medium damage, but fast and hard to dodge.
    Jump Attack: Lunogrum will sometimes jump up in an attempt to land a jump attack on you. She is easy to dodge, but can be punished if attacked before she lands.
  • Carian Sting: Lunogrum casts the Carian Sting spell, which summons a giant sword that breaks through block. High damage, can be dodged but hard to block.
  • Glowing Sword Phalanx: Occasionally, Lunogrum will cast Glowing Sword Phalanx, creating three swords that are sent towards the player after a few seconds. The damage is low, but if one of them hits you, Lunogrum will certainly rush to attack to take advantage of your dazed state.

Weaknesses of Lunogrum

Lunogrum is very weak to poison and scarlet rot damage, which can negate the fight if he gets the status early on. Deal poison and scarlet rot damage to see how quickly his HP decreases over distance. He can be staggered, but it’s hard to hit him reliably when he parries so effectively.

Lunogrum is somewhat resistant to magic damage, as he is a sorcerer himself, though he has no other noteworthy resistances, and the damage reduction isn’t all that great. Sorcerers can win this fight by staying at a distance and casting spells over and over, even if the damage is less than other NPC enemies.


One of the most annoying enemies in Elden Ring that you have to fight head-on, and players have come up with several strategies to deal with this miniboss. Right at the entrance to Lunogrum’s battle zone, there is a large ramp where a boulder rolls down at regular intervals. Lunogrum can be lured into making the boulder fall on him. It doesn’t deal much damage, but is a sure way to slowly lower his health without having to get close.

In addition, players have realized that jumping attacks cannot be parried, so if you are a melee player, be sure to equip Talisman Talisman and head to the city. Behind Lunogrum is an elevator that takes players to Rennala – if you raise the elevator and lure Lunogrum into the room, there is a very high chance that he will accidentally fall into the pit below. This can be difficult to pull off since Lunogroom is standing between you and the elevator, but it’s probably the easiest way to kill a Carian Knight if you can get past him.

Ranged/magic strategy

Spellcasters will find Lunogrum a bit more difficult than spellcasters or ranged players, but the difference is minor and hardly worth noticing. Regardless of your ranged preference, you can stay right in front of where the boulder falls and get a good amount of hits from a distance. You can also go down the short stairs to his left and cast spells or shoot arrows from there, as he seems to have a hard time getting past the invisible wall at the top of this stairs when attacked. Just be careful not to get hit by his gap-closing abilities like Carian Sting.

Close combat strategy

Melee players will find Lunogrum to be one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. Some even say that he is more difficult than the second phase of Rennale due to his ability to parry. Lunogrum is incredibly good at parrying attacks, so much so that it’s almost guaranteed to happen at some point in a melee fight. This can be avoided by using jump attacks and weapons that cannot be parried (this requires a bit of Dexterity). His attacks can also be parried, but he quickly gets up after a critical hit and most likely parries it instantly, so this is not the best strategy.

Rewards for defeating Carian Knight Lunogrum

After defeating Lunogrum, the Carian Knight, you will gain access to the elevator to the Great Library, as well as some items. The elevator can be accessed at any time, but if you get rid of Lunogrum first, it will be much easier. In addition to unlocking the fight with Rennala, he drops a decent 3,000 runes and a Carian Knight’s Shield.

The Carian Knight’s Shield is based on Strength and Wisdom, and is one of the few shields with 100% Physical Damage Reduction that is based on Wisdom. It comes with a “No Skill” skill that can be modified. With a weight of 4.5 kg. it’s a good shield for sorcerers with little equipment, but it’s outclassed by several other shields that only weigh 3.5kg. with similar protective performance.

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