Bunkoku puzzle in Genshin Impact: where to find stone slabs

The Bunkoku Puzzle side quest in Genshin Impact is available during the Three Worlds Gate Offering event. You will gain access to it after meeting Tsumi and obtaining the Bokuso Box. After that, a marker will appear and you will need to talk to an NPC named Yabe. Here is our stone slab and bunkoku puzzle guide so you can take all the quest items and solve it completely.

Bunkoku puzzle and stone slab arrangement

The side quest “Puzzle Bunkoku” involves visiting three large areas in Enkanomiya. Naturally, things can get more complicated due to the Darkness and the fact that you won’t be able to activate teleports if your Bokuso box is not at the proper level. However, if you are fast enough, you should be able to get all of these items without any problems.

Beginning and northwestern region

Let’s discuss the first few steps, as well as the stone slabs and puzzles that can be found in the northwest area.

After talking to Yabe, you should see a marker directing you towards the temple.

When you enter it, you will see a lever and a strange fresco on the ceiling (see image below).

Climbing back up, you can enter a narrow opening and find a strange mechanical device (shown in the picture).

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with it yet, because we still need to find stone slates. If you open the Encanomia map, you will see markers for all three locations if you are following the quest.

Strait — Library

Go to the northwestern area that is outlined. This is actually the library where we once collected the Five Lost Books. However, during the “Offering the Gates of the Three Worlds” event, the entrance there is blocked. But you will see three Electro totems nearby. To activate a couple of them, just look for challenge markers.

Complete them and hit the Electro Totems to open the chamber. Inside there is another challenge marker where you have to fight the Guardians of the Ruins and the mages of the Abyss.

After defeating the opponents, you will be able to collect Bunkoku stone slabs. Two of them are located on the ground floor on opposite sides of the call marker. And one is on the second floor, behind the stairs.

Northeast region

In this part of the guide, we will discuss the stone slabs and puzzles that can be found in the northeast area.

Temple of Eternal Night – Labyrinth (puzzle with light)

In the normal version of Encanomiya, this place is the labyrinth of the Temple of Eternal Night. In the variant for this event, however, there is a light puzzle. As we mentioned in our light puzzle guide, your goal is to get the beam to hit the receiver at the end. To do this, you can rotate some mirrors or change mirrors between Cryo and Hydro.

There are two receivers on the first floor and you can see the solutions below (you can click on the images to enlarge them):

After activating both receivers, a hole will open. Jump down and complete the next puzzle.

You can see the solution below. I’ve added two images to cover both parts of the room where the light appears and where the receiver is located (you can click on the images to enlarge them):

When the puzzle is solved, you will be able to enter the lowest chamber. There are no more puzzles here. We can just open the chest by activating the Bokuso box and pick up two Bunkoku Enigma stone slabs. One of them is behind the chest, and the other is on the side, in shallow water.

Southern region

In this part of the guide, we will discuss the stone slabs and puzzles found in the southern area.

Heart of the Serpent – Test of Date

The third and final stretch is pretty fast. Just go to the marked place and you will see a hole not far from the teleporter.

Below you will understand that this is where we solved another Labyrinth puzzle as part of the Date challenge. The difference is that there are no walls or other fixtures. Instead, all you have to do is check the sides of the room for water features. The rock slates are there.

The last puzzle

Let’s discuss the last puzzle in the Bunkoku Puzzle Side Quest.

Having collected all the stone slabs, it’s time to return to where we found a strange mechanical device in the central temple. Place all the stone slates and activate the device.

You will realize that this is one of those moving plate puzzles. The image below shows the plate numbers:

The pattern should match the fresco on the ceiling. Here are the steps:

  • Move #1 and #2 up.
  • Move #3 (blank plate) to the left.
  • For #4, #5 and #6 just move them counterclockwise. This means that #4 moves down, #5 moves to the left, and so on.

Keep moving these three plates until the middle is empty. A bright light should flash, notifying you that the puzzle is complete (sort of).

Activate the mechanism and drop down into the room below. There you will find a ghost named Koyanagi. Talk to him and take the last stone slab.

Go back upstairs and place the stove on the floor. This is the last piece of the puzzle and will allow you to interact with the mechanism again.

This time, the room below has a Mysterious Samurai, Vengeful Guardian Spirit.

Destroy the Samurai and open the Luxury Chest to get another Light Realm Core to upgrade the Bokuso Art. Then talk to Koyanagi again (he is behind the metal bars).

Finally, speak to Yabe to complete the Bunkoku Puzzle quest in Genshin Impact. For your efforts, you will receive an additional 40 Light Realm Tokens.

Note: Other Tokens of the Realm of Light found during general exploration (i.e. not tied to any quest) can be found in our guide to the location of deluxe chests.

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