Bow in Raft: how to make

Depending on the difficulty chosen by the players in Raft, the enemies can turn hostile and threaten you. For example, sharks will periodically eat the player’s raft and attack them when they are underwater. Since many important items are found only underwater, shark attacks can be quite a hassle and make an animal a candidate for destruction.

There are only two types of weapons available in the Raft game: a spear and a bow. While enemies such as sharks can be dealt with with a spear, there are others that can hardly be defeated with melee weapons, such as Screechers. To fight the angry stone-throwing bird, it is highly recommended to make a bow in Raft.

How to create a bow in Raft

In order to craft a basic bow in Raft, players need to go through several stages of collecting and assembling materials. To make a basic bow, you need six planks, four ropes, two creepers and one bolt. Planks and ropes are fairly easy to assemble in Raft, but the rest of the materials are not so easy. Vine slime and bolts must go through two manufacturing phases. After that, like any other bow, the bow in Raft will not work without arrows.

Create creeper juice

In order to get Creeper Juice in Raft, players need to mine seaweed. These plants are usually scattered around most of the islands. After reaching the shore, the players must dive under the water and find the kelp forest. These are several tall green plants with shiny leaves that can be harvested. After obtaining seaweed, players must build a smelter and lower them into it. After a while, the smelter will turn the seaweed into creeper juice.

Create a bolt

Like creeper juice, the item needed to craft the bolts is also underwater. Players must dive to collect metal ores and then smelt them into metal ingots. The smelter needs planks to operate, so players need to make sure there is enough wood for the smelter and for crafting the bow.

Having prepared all the materials for crafting a basic bow, players must open their inventory by pressing Tab, go to the weapon section, click on the icon for the basic bow, and then click the “Create” button to craft it. If there is no basic bow option, then players haven’t researched it yet. In this case, they should go to the Research Table, then insert the necessary items: Plank, Rope, Creeper Juice and Bolt.

Create arrows

There are two types of bow cartridges in Raft: Stone arrows and metal arrows. Stone arrows are basic arrows that require little labor to craft. As for metal arrows, they are a little more difficult, as the materials for them are rarer and harder to get.

Each batch of six stone arrows requires three planks, 6 stones, and 6 plastic, while a batch of metal arrows requires three planks, six feathers, and one ingot of metal. As with the basic bow, players will have to go through the same process of getting metal nuggets every time they want to craft metal arrows.

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