Boss Rash stage in Vampire Survivors: how to open

In Vampire Survivors, Boss Rush is a challenge stage that spawns waves of enemy bosses of all stages with increased health. At the end of each minute, the health multiplier of all enemies increases by ×0.1 without limit. In addition, this map has two pressure plates that spawn every 30 seconds. The first, blue, is characterized by the hourglass symbol, and if players use this mechanic in Vampire Survivors, the scene will skip until the next minute. Another red pressure plate is indicated by a skull symbol. If you step on this plate, then the wave of bosses that are currently on the field will be reborn. These two slabs will stop appearing after the 9:30 mark.

The Boss Rush challenge stage in Vampire Survivors is rather odd in that it spawns items outside of the arena that are not available to the player character. More specifically, Floor Chicken x2, Orologions x2, Nduja Fritta x1, and Rosary x1 are pickups that spawn outside of the map boundaries. In addition, all of the stage’s passive items, with the exception of Torrona’s Crate, spawn outside of the arena.

To collect these useful yet outrageous items in Boss Rush, Vampire Survivors fans must activate the lasso known as the Crazy Stream (VIII). This lasso automatically causes all stage items, collectibles, experience gems, and lights to move towards the character every two minutes. Accordingly, Crazy Flow (VIII) is considered the only legal way to access oddly placed items in Boss Rush. Players can unlock this special arcane by reaching the 31st minute in Raging Wood.

In order to unlock Boss Rush in Vampire Survivors, you must unlock Hyper Mode for all 5 regular stages, including Crazy Forest, Jeweled Library, Dairy, Gallo Tower, and Magna Chapel. Below is information on how to unlock each of these stages and their Hyper Modes in Vampire Survivors:

  • Crazy Forest: Unlocked by default
    • Hyper Mode: Available after defeating the Giant Blue Venus at 25:00.
  • Jeweled Library: Unlocked at level 20 in the Madwood
    • Hyper Mode: Unlocked after defeating the Nesuferite at 25:00.
  • Dairy Factory: unlocked at level 40 in the Inlaid Library
    • Hyper Mode: Unlocked after defeating the Guardian of Swords at the 25:00 mark.
  • Gallo Tower: Unlocked at level 60 in the Dairy
    • Hyper Mode: Available after defeating the Giant Enemy Crab at the 25:00 mark.
  • Magna Chapel: Unlocked after clearing Sacred Forbidding, a hidden stage unlocked after defeating Lunar Trinacria at 2:00 PM
    • Hyper Mode: Unlocked after Trinacria is defeated at the 25:00 mark.

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