Boomerang Pan in Dying Light 2: how to get a weapon

The Frying Pan is a fairly unique weapon in Dying Light 2: Stay Human as it is a frying pan that works like a boomerang. More specifically, players throwing a Fate Pan at an enemy will find it comes back to them, and while it’s not the most powerful weapon in the game, it can be quite fun to use. For those players who would like to try out the boomerang pan in Dying Light 2 for themselves, detailed information on how to get its blueprint can be found in this guide.

How to get the pan of fate

Players who are interested in obtaining the Frying Pan of Fate should focus on beating Dying Light 2. Indeed, before obtaining the blueprint for the boomerang frying pan, players must complete all story missions, which means that the weapon can only be used in the post-game. Notably, players should complete the main story in around 20 hours if they are willing to miss out on a lot of optional content.

After completing the game, fans should head to the large building in the southeast corner of Newfound Lost Lands. Inside this building, there is a furnished room with a chicken poster hanging at the entrance, and Dying Light 2 players must reach it. While this can be done in a number of ways, here is a path that should take fans straight to the room:

  • Approach the building from the southeast by crossing the bridge of wooden slats;
  • Enter through the opening that is just behind the bridge and go into a room with a long dining table;
  • Open the panel on the ground, drop into the water and swim southeast to the stairs;
  • Climb up that ladder, turn 180 degrees at the top and climb up the second ladder;
  • Grab the yellow pipe to the left of the second ladder, get to its end and fall down;
  • Turn right, go up the two small stairs and go into the room.

Once in the room, players must interact with the chicken in the cage. This action will eventually initiate a side quest in Dying Light 2 called “Space Rooster”, in which players will have to find a spaceship part. The waypoint given in the game should make it easier to find this part, and players should return it to the chicken when they collect it.

Once the spaceship piece has been taken to the chicken, players will receive a message that they have completed the Space Rooster side quest. In addition, a Frying Pan blueprint will appear on the table next to the cage, which you need to take and use 369 scraps to create a boomerang frying pan. After that, players will be able to start using this secret weapon in Dying Light 2 as they see fit.

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