Boatman Tibia in Elden Ring: how to win

Tibia Mariner is a type of Overworld Boss you will encounter in Elden Ring. In several cases, it represents a chilling fight. Here is our guide to help you defeat Tibia the Boatman that you will encounter during your exploration.

How to beat Tibia the Boatman

Tibia the Boatman in Elden Ring is an undead necromancer who rows a boat. It can be found in several swampy areas, but don’t let that fool you, as it can also swim on land. There are a few notable places where I fought Tibia the Boatman in Elden Ring, and another area that I won’t cover here. So I’ll just focus on the general mechanics.


The first place where you will meet such a Boatman, if you are just exploring the starting zone of the Graveyard, will be the village “Water Call”. It is located in the northeastern part of the Graveyard behind the Bridge of the Saints (almost on the border of Kaylid). There’s a good chance that as you head there from the Bridge of Saints, you’ll spot a friendly Spellmaster. You will meet him again at the Round Table Fortress.

In any case, Tibius the Boatman here has a few notable abilities:

  • Summon Undead: He will summon skeletons to support him in combat (both melee and ranged). Remember that the skeletons will come to life after a few seconds, so you will need to hit them again to end them for good;
  • Boat Drop: Your opponent will sometimes pick up their boat and then fall on you;
  • Death Call: The boss collects energy in a circle before causing an explosion;
  • Teleport: After a while, he will also teleport to a new location, so just follow him while keeping an eye on any bonebreakers nearby.

Altus Plateau

If you’ve made your way through Ruins Gorge to reach the Altus Plateau, you’ll be right next to the bonfire at Erdtree’s Hill and the ruins of Wyndham to the north of it. As you climb up the side of the cliff, Tibia the Boatman will spot you and summon his new friend, the Bone Giant. Apart from the abilities mentioned above, his bone giant buddy will have his own attacks:

  • “Get a Bone!”: A monstrous enemy will appear from the surface (water or land) and hit you twice with his hand;
  • Bone Travel: It will aim in your direction and fire a laser for a few seconds.

Tibia the Boatman is still your main target because the Bone Giant cannot be damaged. Therefore, you still need to chase the opponent and keep hitting him.

Rewards for defeating Tibia the Boatman

Rewards for defeating Tibia the Boatman in Elden Ring include:

  • Skeleton Ashes (Summon Spirits): drops in the village “Summon Water”;
  • Tibius Summons (Spell): Drops in the Altus Plao;
  • Root of Death (Key Item): Guaranteed to drop from both bosses. This key item is used by Gurrank. Dee will introduce you to this NPC as part of his personal quest.

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