Bloody finger in Elden Ring: how to get

Elden Ring offers players many challenges in the form of skilled enemies and debilitating bosses. While these formidable enemies exert all their strength and resolve, the biggest threat players can face is each other. By enabling multiplayer, players can venture into the worlds of other players and challenge the Masters of the Fingers. If successful, players will earn the right to show off to other players and a rare item to help them on their journey.

The competitive aspect that Incursions bring to Elden Ring is invaluable as it allows players to test their mettle against other players. However, players cannot invade others without using a Rotten Bloody Finger. As a multiplayer consumable item, players will consume one Rotten Bloody Finger each time they invade. The Bloody Finger can give players an unlimited number of invasions. Thus, there is no need to farm Rotten Bloodied Fingers.

How to get Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

Before you can get the Bloody Finger, you must complete a specific quest in Elden Ring. Specifically, players must defeat Godric the Hundred-Handed and talk to Two Fingers. Passing this part of the game will require considerable time and effort, given the dangers that players have to overcome.

After that, go to the Thunder Veil Castle, where the demigod Godric Hundred Hands lives. Defeating him is not easy, but it is quite possible. By killing this respected boss, players will have the opportunity to face Two Fingers. After returning to the Cross of the Round Table and talking to Two Fingers, you will complete the requirements needed to obtain the Bloody Finger.

Players must now travel to the Temple of the Roses in Lake Liurnia. Get there on foot or on horseback on the Potok, heading northwest from Zamogilje. Upon arriving at the Temple of the Roses, players will find an NPC named Varre at the entrance. The players should talk to him, and then Varre will task them with invading the worlds of the other Extinct. He will give the players five Rotten Bloody Fingers to help them with this.

Before returning to Varra, players must invade the worlds of the other Extinct three times. In a conversation with Varre, after fulfilling his request, players will be offered a choice. Varre will invite players to be anointed into his prestigious Order of the Lord of the Blood. By accepting his offer, players will be sent on another quest that brings them closer to obtaining the Blood Finger.

Varre will give you a cloth and ask you to soak it in the maid’s blood. There are many ways to complete this quest, but the most powerful one requires players to travel to the Four Bell Towers in Lake Liurnia. This place is located on a hill northwest of the Temple of the Roses. Players can easily get to the Four Bell Towers on foot or riding the Potok.

Upon arriving at the Four Bell Towers, players will notice four bell towers, as the name suggests, located on a hill at different heights. However, players only need to pay attention to the two highest bell towers. At the topmost bell tower, players will find the Infused Sword Key in a chest. On the second tallest bell tower is a statue of an imp, which activates the walk-through gate next to it.

Players must use the Infused Sword Key to activate the second tallest bell tower’s gate, which will lead them to the Waiting Chapel. Here, players will have to defeat the first boss ever encountered in Elden Ring – Augmented Scion. Defeating this fast and relentless enemy is difficult, but much more doable than when you first encountered him at the beginning of the game.

After defeating the grafted offspring, players must cross the bridge and head to the chapel. Inside, they will find the corpse of a long-dead maid leaning against the wall. Players must approach the body and interact with it to soak the cloth in its blood. Players can then fast travel to the Place of Grace near the Temple of the Roses and return to Varra.

Showing Varra the bloodied cloth will complete the quest. After expressing his pride and satisfaction with the players’ work, Varre will ask them to offer a finger. After that, a brutal and soul-rending animation will begin, at the end of which players will receive a Bloodied Finger. Now they will be able to use this multiplayer item an infinite number of times to invade the game of other players.

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