Black rubber duck in Dying Light 2: where to find

The massive city of Viledor in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is full of exciting secrets and unique curios for players to find, and one of the collectibles that fans will love to hunt for is the Black Rubber Duck. There are a total of five black rubber ducks hidden in different parts of the city. Some of them are easy to find, and in other cases players will have to get to the less accessible secret areas in Dying Light 2. Keep in mind that although the location of each of the ducks is fixed, the method used to get to the location will vary depending on the player’s situation.

The first rubber duck can be found in the Garrison VNC tower. Use the elevator on the south side of the building to go upstairs. After rising to the upper floors, take the elevator to the roof of the VNK tower. After a few minutes, exit the elevator and go to the ledge on the right. From here, players must carefully but skillfully descend into the hidden room below. A good strategy is to hold on to the wall as you fall so that Aiden will automatically grab the ledge.

In the secret room of the VNC tower in Dying Light 2, players will find a bloodied note on a table that reads “if u 555, then I’m…”. Using this clue, enter 6-6-6 into the safe sitting on the right to collect the duck. The next black rubber duck is hidden between the garrison and Mount Lucid Observatory. Using an army truck or other lifting platform, go through the gate to get inside the observation deck. Inside you will find a duck in a container, as well as other valuable loot.

Where to find black rubber ducks in Dying Light 2

Another black rubber duck can be found near the northern border of the Quay, near the EGM anomaly CA-83. Head to where the overhead highway ends and dive into the murky waters below. Under the surface, players will find a sunken car with a trunk that can be opened with a lockpick. Open the car to get the next rare collectible in Dying Light 2.

The fourth black rubber duck is the easiest to find. She can be found out in the open, sitting on a skull along a waterway near the border between Lower Dam Air and Newfound Lost Lands. The last black rubber duck can be found in the swamps northwest of Houndfield, to the left of the Hellgate graffiti.

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