Big DUP Agent in inFamous: Second Son: How to Win

In inFamous: Second Son, Delsin will face many brutal enemies. Whether a bioterrorist or a paragon of virtue, the Department of Joint Defense cares little for Delsin’s altruism, focusing primarily on stopping him and his rising powers. As leader of the DUP, Brooke Augustine will throw everything she has at Delsin during brief encounters with him in inFamous: Second Son.

After the player completes their first morale-based quest, Laura Bailey’s Fetch will call and tell Delsin about the DUP’s increased presence in the Lantern District. This will start mission 12: Trial, in which Delsin will have to cross a dangerous bridge leading to the southern island. However, before Delsin can reach him, he must face Augustine and a powerful new threat. This guide will show players how to get to the Lantern District and defeat the huge DUP agent that stands in the way.

How to cross the bridge

First, head to Pioneer Square in the southeast corner of the north island; players who have unlocked the fast travel feature in Second Son can get there faster. Near the docks is a long, curved bridge, smashed to pieces by the DUP’s concrete forces in an attempt to quarantine the city. The player’s goal is in the middle of this bridge, indicated by a star icon.

Run across several cargo containers until Delsin comes to a giant concrete wall surrounded by neon lights, behind which is the player’s objective. Armed with neon power, run straight up the wall to the very top, after which a scene will begin in which Delsin activates his smoke power.

There will be automatic turrets throughout the bridge, marked on the player’s map with small yellow icons. The objective is to cross the bridge without taking too much damage by jumping over and avoiding the turrets. Since there are a lot of cargo containers blocking the way, it won’t be too difficult, as they can only be aimed in one direction, and they can be destroyed from behind.

Rounding the turrets, Delsin will come across a large gap in the bridge. Just like in the tutorial, use the impressive Sucker Punch mechanic to bounce off the burning car and ferry Delsin. Climb further and several DUP agents will ambush the player; deal with them and jump down into an area that looks suspiciously like a boss arena.

How to beat the big DUP agent

Upon reaching this zone, a scene will begin in which Delsin will reunite with Augustine and be thrown into a boss fight – a flying conduit that uses concrete barriers for protection. In this fight, the player will have to use their neon abilities to defeat him.

His attacks include digging concrete tunnels and throwing rocks from a distance; they need to be dodged or protected by cover. Attempting to shoot these projectiles will have no effect, so players should use large boulders and DUP barriers to avoid flying debris. After he shoots Delsin, he has a small chance to attack; using powerful phosphor beams and inFamous karma-related attacks will help to quickly reduce his health.

The DUP agent will also go underground and rapidly approach the player to unleash a powerful melee attack. Dodge the attack right before he emerges from the ground to avoid taking damage, and shoot him while the attack is active.

As with other armored DUP agents, the player must aim exclusively at the head and torso to deal actual damage. Adopt a hit-and-run strategy in this fight: land some good hits and run for cover, remembering to keep an eye on the agent to avoid sneaking up on him.

Destroying it will open up an entirely new area of ​​the map to the player, filled with many hours of inFamous content and providing a more challenging experience.

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