Big Blood Essence in V Rising and how to get it

In V Rising, if you want to keep upgrading your castles and participate in the Servant game mechanic, you need to get some Big Blood Essence. There are two ways to earn this material, and both are linked to the Blood Press workbench. For those players who would like more information on the options available to them, this guide contains full details on how to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

How to get blood essence

As noted earlier, players who wish to obtain Essence of Greater Blood will need to have access to the Blood Press. This workbench can be built near the Heart of the Castle by collecting 12 planks and 120 stones, and fans of the survival game should get one as soon as possible. After all, the blood press is useful not only for creating the essence of Big Blood, and there is an incentive to familiarize yourself with all its functions as soon as possible.

Immediately after installing the Blood Press, players can use the Workbench to transform four Unsullied Hearts into a Major Blood Essence. However, this is easier said than done, as these hearts have an extremely low drop rate and are not easy to obtain. However, fans of vampire video games who are trying to get the Hearts of the Unsullied are advised to focus on taking out the bosses that can be found in the Altar of Blood, although they can also drop from random creatures around the world.

Another option to craft Greater Essence of Blood becomes available after defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter, a level 46 boss that players can find at the Altar of Blood. This option appears on the Blood Press when it is unlocked and allows hobbyists to transmute 200 Blood Essences into one Major Blood Essence. Even though 200 is not such a small amount of this V Rising material, players may prefer this approach over the alternative.

It should be noted that the Blood Press can also provide some help in this second option as it can be used to generate additional Blood Essence. More specifically, players can turn four Rats into 10 Blood Essence or four Stained Hearts into 60 Blood Essence using this Workbench in V Rising. These transformations can be very useful when working on the 200 Blood Essence required to make the Great Blood Essence, and fans will surely appreciate this functionality.

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