Best Wisdom build in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, if you want to become a wizard and shower your enemies with a flurry of spells, hoping they turn to ash before they get to you? Then we have a build for you – Pure Wisdom. You will fill the screen with death and destruction, and then turn your tail and run for your life – such is the way of the wizard.

In this guide, we will focus on two scenarios: the unusual death mage and the cruel and effective frost mage. Death from afar – death from above – death by the winter breeze – we will take care of you. Grab your staves and let’s get down to business.

What is Wisdom in Elden Ring

When building for Wisdom, the key is to have the right tool for the job. You will use spells as your main source of damage and that damage will be devastating. You will still have some opportunities for close range combat, but for the most part you will be standing on the sidelines and using magic.

Stats for Wisdom

Because Death and Frost wizards are so different in body type, we have two sets of statistics that we can use as a guide.


Stats Value Vitality 40 Intelligence 25 Fortitude 10 Strength 8 Dexterity 17 Wisdom 60 Faith 60 Sorcery 9

As you can see, a death mage needs a combination of Wisdom and Faith. This greatly takes away your stats, which means that you will lack other indicators – in particular, endurance and strength.

Most armor will be too heavy for you and you won’t be able to use it as effectively as other classes. This is compensated by a huge number of projectiles on the screen at the same time.


Stats Value Vitality 55 Intelligence 25 Fortitude 25 Strength 16 Agility 12 Wisdom 80 Faith 7 Sorcery 9

This build is much more balanced while still retaining amazing damage stats. We’re aiming for 80 Wisdom and somewhere between 55-60 Strength. We can take hits and hit them equally.

In addition, we also have stamina, which will allow us to use heavier armor, which is always good. All this is complemented by an investment in the Force so that we can use one of the best weapons in the game – the Dark Moon Greatsword.

Build “Death Mage”


If you want to create a mage that is completely different from the meta, then death magic is the way to go. It requires a large investment in Wisdom and Faith, as well as some spells and gear in the late game – it will take some time to reach full power, but once you do, you are a force to be reckoned with.


As a mage, your main source of damage will be spells. This means you need a swinging staff. For death magic, you’ll want to use the Staff of the Prince of Death. This item cancels Wisdom and Faith and grants an increase to all Death spells. This is a natural option for this physique.

For close range combat, Astel’s Wing will do. This sword has a fantastic moveset, its heavy charge is a long-range projectile, and its weapon art is exploding nebulae capable of dealing thousands of damage per throw. All in all, this is an amazing weapon.

Basic spells

  • Revenge of the ancient dead
  • Projectiles of shining stones
  • Mastery of Loretta
  • enchanted lands

Revenge of the Ancient Dead is the main spell of this build. This spell fires a barrage of slow-moving, homing skulls at your enemy, each skull exploding on contact. This spell can be charged and does pretty decent damage once the build is fully built.

However, what makes Revenge of the Ancient Dead so good is the amount of daze it inflicts. Many enemies and bosses can be stunned into unconsciousness, allowing you to deal incredible damage without worrying about retaliation.

Your main spell for normal enemies and explorers will be Brilliant Rock Projectiles. As a spell, it deals high damage, has decent range, can be cast quickly, and is very cheap. This is a great spell to use as a fallback.

Mastery of Loretta is your choice as a utility spell. You use it to stalk enemies from a distance. It deals high damage to a single target at a distance that no other spell could ever dream of. If you don’t want to deal with someone in a fair fight, watch him from a distance. Everything is simple.

Enchanted Lands is your buff. It places a rune on the ground, and while standing on that rune, all your magic damage is increased by 35%. This buff should not be underestimated and you should start every encounter with it.


Talismans are fairly simple for this build. You want to increase your Wisdom, Faith and Damage. To do this, you need to equip Marika’s Seal of Pain to gain +5 to all magical stats. When combined with Stargazer Legacy and Two Finger Legacy, add +5 to Wisdom and Faith.

The last talisman should be the Sign of Godfrey, which increases the damage of all charged spells. Combined with Enchanted Lands, this will increase the damage of Ancient Deathbringer and Loretta’s Mastery, as well as any other charged spells.


Due to your lack of Stamina, you will be forced to wear fairly light armor. This is the biggest disadvantage of this skill, so get ready to dodge. Remember that Marika’s Seal of Pain increases all damage taken by 15%. Either wear the heaviest gear you can on a medium throw, or aim for an easy throw.

Flask of miraculous potion

You will want to mix your flask with Crystal Tears of Wisdom and Faith. This will increase your Wisdom and Faith to 80 for 3 minutes. This is a hard limit for both of these indicators, which will allow you to fully unleash the potential of this skill.

Frost Mage build


If a death mage is all about dealing damage with glass cannons, then a frost mage is much more versatile and can deal an incredible amount of damage. This is your standard mage with a few extra toys thrown in just in case.


As a staff, it is best to take the Carian Royal Scepter. This is the best staff in the game, and unlike Lusat’s staff, it has no drawbacks. Not only that, it gives us a nice 10% damage boost to Luna’s Affliction, which we’ll be using a lot.

As a weapon, it is best to use the Darkmoon Two-Handed. This weapon deals an incredible amount of damage per swing, scales with Wisdom, and its weapon art further increases damage and frosts it. Not only that, a charged heavy attack turns into a powerful ice wave that deals thousands of damage.

Basic spells

  • Dark Moon Rennie
  • Block of icy shiny stones
  • Moonblade of Adul
  • enchanted lands

The heart of this build is frost magic, and Rennie’s Dark Moon is what will fuel this build and bring it to its full potential. This spell not only deals incredible damage, but also absorbs enemy spells, has amazing tracking, and reduces the enemy’s magic resistance by 10%.

Combined with Frostbite, which reduces resistance by an additional 20%, Rennie’s Dark Moon is a stunningly powerful debuff and should open up your fight when you’re fighting anything strong. Adding to its utility is its large AoE explosion on contact, making it a great crowd-clearing tool.

A block of icy shiny stones is our workhorse. It is designed to kill weak enemies and inflict Frostbite. Most enemies will be hit by Frostbite in a single Darkmoon/Ice Block combo, making it very effective. Its range is quite short, but it is incredibly cheap.

Adul’s Moonblade is our nuclear bomb. This spell hits large enemies three times per swing, dealing around 1,000 damage. Not to mention, it regenerates Frostbite insanely fast, allowing you to take down the most feared enemies in a single cast. It also has a wide AoE, so it’s great for clearing large groups of enemies.

The last piece of this puzzle is the Enchanted Lands. The 35% increase in all magic damage is too good to pass up, especially when you deal 30% more damage to all enemies thanks to Rennie’s Dark Moon and Frostbite.


As far as talismans are concerned, you want to increase your magic damage and the best way to do that is Grave School Talisman which increases all spell damage by 8%. Combine it with the Magic Scorpion Amulet, which increases all magic damage by 15% and you’re done.

The last two talismans should be the Mark of Radagon, which reduces the duration of all spells, and the Mark of Godfrey, which increases all your charged attacks. The last talisman is purely for buffing your Darkmoon Twohander, as its Charged Attack benefits greatly from it. You can also take Ax Talisman with you instead of Mark of Radagon to increase this damage even more.


As far as armor is concerned, you want to get as much protection as possible and still get an average roll. The only piece of armor that you absolutely need to take is the Snow Witch Hat. This hat increases all frost damage by 10%, which is a nice buff.

Flask of miraculous potion

As for tears, you need Magic Cracked Tear to increase all magic damage for 3 minutes, and Arcane Azure Tear for infinite mana for 15 seconds. This will allow you to cast expensive spells at the beginning of the fight, and also increase the damage of all your spells – again.

With all these buffs, you’ll be dealing thousands of damage with every spell, and nothing in Elden Ring can stand up to the constant killing that a frost mage can deliver.

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