Best Unit Builds in Rainbow Six: Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction has no shortage of opponents. Between stealthy and invisible enemies that attack from the shadows, snipers that shoot from a distance, and bulky tanks with bullets and bosses, there are plenty of ways to fail a mission. But most missions can be failed at the squad select screen.

A good team composition can deal with any enemy. Since the players are familiar with the goals before the match starts, it is important to choose a team that can cover all of these goals. Sometimes a squad needs to be well-rounded, sometimes it can focus on a particular style, but regardless, the conversation needs to happen at the start of every Rainbow Six: Extraction queue.

Best Overall Squad: Jaeger, Ela, Rook

Regardless of the composition of the team, gamers are better off looking elsewhere if they want a game that can easily get a platinum trophy. But if any of the three members of the squad can show themselves in the most difficult mode, then it’s Jaeger, Ela and Rook.

The two most difficult types of objectives are those that don’t allow stealth, force players to defend points, or summon a boss. Jaeger and Ela have mines (projectile and non-contact, respectively). And if something goes wrong, Rook is the best support unit because it reduces damage and allows players to get up if they are knocked down.

The most secretive squad: Vigil, Captain, Alibi.

Most matchmaking gamers have no idea what you can do in Rainbow Six: Extraction, but those who can’t be stealthy are probably the most frustrated. This makes the game ten times harder. With this unit, players maximize their chances of staying in this easy zone.

Vigil is in charge of the squad, he can disguise himself and retreat at any moment when faced with danger and relay information to the squad. In rooms where there are too many opponents to get past, Alibi can throw a decoy that will distract everyone. And the Captain is a cool character with his stealth smoke arrow.

Best Squad Weapon: Hibana, Gridlock, Nomad

Very few squad members have instantly deployable damage items. Some have mines that need to be carefully placed, others have tricky scans, but what’s the use of that when the group is being overtaken? Fortunately, these three will never leave players wondering where the damage is.

The Hibana technically fires remote mines, but they can be detonated almost instantly for devastating effect. Gridlock and Nomad fire traps and mines, which immediately detonate. Nomads don’t deal much damage, but they knock enemies back and eliminate danger.

Fastest squad: Sleigh, Nomad, Alibi

There are some phenomenal FPS titles on Game Pass, but not all of them can be completed in the time that fits everyone’s schedule. Speed ​​may seem secondary to damage and stealth, but on higher difficulty levels, hitting your target can be the easiest route.

Sledges are criminally underestimated. He can punch a perfect man-sized hole in any destructible wall, then stun an enemy that gets too close, with no time limit. Alibi can drop a decoy and let her whole team go around the room. And Nomad can knock down everything that cannot be deceived; by the time the opponents come to their senses, the detachment will already be far away.

Hardest Squad to Kill: Rook, Doc, Finca

It might not seem like a very smart strategy to plan to get knocked down. But in fact, this is one of the most successful squads in the game, because rarely everything goes according to plan. And gamers can deal a lot of damage on the ground before they allow themselves to recover.

Rook plays a key role in all of this because he provides body armor that also reduces damage. If this unit will be regularly attacked, its special ability will come in handy often. The other two, Doc and Finca, are more classic healers who can also pull themselves or their comrades back up if knocked down.

Best defensive unit: Tachanka, Jaeger, Gridlock

As stated earlier, defensive style missions are often considered the hardest because stealth just doesn’t work. Enemies know exactly where they need to go, and disappearing won’t stop them, but may be less of a distraction from their goal.

That’s why Tachanka and the deployable turret make such a big difference. Throw in Jaeger and his firing mines, and then Gridlock and her mines, and nothing will stop this unit from keeping the target under control.

Best Map Revealing Squad: Lion, IQ, Pulse

The best defense is a good offense, and this adage has never been more true than in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Stealth is good, but when players do not know where the opponents are, one can only guess and hope. These squad mates take all that guesswork away.

None of them track everything, but collectively this is nothing to worry about. Lyon detects all moving targets, while Pulse can detect nests and enemies standing still. IQ has a constant ability to find all the REACT gear on the map, which keeps the squad fresh and fit.

Best Boss Squad: Smoke, Fuse, Jaeger

Bosses aren’t guaranteed on every map, even on the hardest settings, but one failed objective is enough to ruin a good run. It would be unfair to call them bullet sponges because they deal so much damage and have a life pool that never seems to run out.

Luckily, players can control the battlefield a bit and have the bosses run across the zone to get to them. Smoke, Fuze, and Jaeger use this opportunity to fill the area with mines. Fuse deals burst damage, Smoke applies a nice damage over time effect with poison that is especially good against bosses, and Jaeger mines shoot at the boss during combat.

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