Best Team Lineups for Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

Kuki Shinobu is the latest addition to Genshin Impact’s playable character roster. She is the second in command of the infamous Arataki Gang. She graduated from high school in Li Yue, where she also met Yan Fei, who was one of her deputies. Basically, she is the mom of the Arataka members, who cleans up after them and helps them when they get arrested, which happens a lot.

As for the reason why she ended up in a gang of mischievous people, where she excels, Cookie says that she feels free with them. She is an amazingly flexible and versatile character who can fit into multiple roles. As such, there are quite a few team compositions in which Shinobu can shine.

There is no such thing as too much electro

The first place goes to the monoelectro team consisting of Shogun Raiden, Yae Miko, Bei Dou and Kouki Shinobu. This command is self-contained and allows Cookies to act as a support.

Shinobu’s main job on this team is to deal damage to the turret while it heals all team members when they take damage. This lineup will be even better if you have access to Bei Dou’s Constellation of Six, as it lowers the opponent’s electrical resistance during her Elemental Burst.

To rotate this team, you’d want to start with Kuki’s Elemental Skill and then instantly switch to Yae Miko and plant all three of her turrets. It is important to switch quickly so that Cookie’s skill does not have time to heal her. Then use Shogun Raiden and Bei Dou’s Elemental Skills, which should give you enough energy to tear apart all the characters. Then unleash your wrath on the enemy with Beidou’s Elemental Explosion, followed by Elemental Skill and Kuki’s Elemental Explosion. Then use the Yae Miko burst and complete it with Shogun Raiden.

Tip: Once you launch a basic attack during Shogun Raiden’s Elemental Blast, you will return all the energy to other characters.

crowd control

Electrocharge is one of the reactions in Genshin Impact that allows you to deal ridiculous damage to large enemies while controlling a crowd of small ones. This happens when Hydro is used with Electro and is what this team needs. Kamisato Ayato and Xing Qiu are probably the best characters to use Hydro in the game.

The idea behind this team is to group enemies with Venti while using Xing Qiu and Kuki’s Elemental Skills to damage turrets off the field, with Ayato as the main DPS dealer. The strongest feature of this team is the rotation speed. With enough energy from Venti, you can deal tons of damage without even giving the enemy a chance to move.

By the way, Ayato in this team can be replaced with Tartaglia, and Venti with Sucrose. Electrobolt has a special effect where lightning passes through every enemy hit by Hydro, making this team one of the most enjoyable to use due to the sheer amount of damage you’ll see.

Overloaded power

Overload is another reaction in Genshin Impact that occurs when Pyro is used with Electro. You can imagine the destruction that occurs when two of the most famous elements come together. In some cases, Overload can backfire if applied to your character, knocking you up and leaving you vulnerable to incoming attacks. This is the reason for Zhong Li’s existence on this team, besides the resistance provided by his shield.

The only downside to this team is that Dilyuk is not the best DPS dealer in the game. Unfortunately, Hu Tao, who has a lot of DPS damage, cannot be used along with Kuki because she shines when her health is low, while Kuki will heal her, greatly reducing her damage.

You can replace Diluk with Yoimiya or Yan Fei, but keep in mind that the range of Kuki’s Elemental Skill is very small, which can make you spend a lot of time dashing towards the enemy on these characters. As such, Dilyuk serves as the most effective Pyro DPS for this team.

judgment from above

Xiao constantly loses health during his Elemental Burst, and quickly destroys the opponent’s health. Cookie solves this problem by providing him with healing with his Elemental Skill while dealing out-of-field damage to nearby enemies.

Xiang Ling and Kuki can cause an overload that can cause enemies to scatter in different directions, and here Venty comes to the rescue. Our deaf bard’s elemental explosion is still one of the best abilities to group enemies into groups and prevent them from scattering. In this team, it is recommended to use the Favonius Warbow on Venti, as it will allow you to get Elemental Particles for Kuki and Xiang Ling.

Universal Team

While the five-star characters in Genshin Impact provide a lot of variety and fun gameplay, the four-star characters are just as good. In fact, some of the best supports in the game are four-star characters like Bennett, Xing Qiu, Sucrose, Xiang Ling, and now Kuki Shinobu. This team focuses on almost every reaction possible in Genshin and is also the perfect free-to-play team.

It consists of four support characters that can team up and deal an amazing amount of damage. Having the first Constellation for Sucrose makes this team even better. Your goal is to spin as many elements as possible while using the Emerald Shadow on Sucrose. This will lower the enemy’s resistance to these elements while you continuously cast Evaporate, Electrocharge, and Superconduct.

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