Best team line-up for Shikanoin Heizo in Genshin Impact

Ever since Shikanoin Heizo debuted in Genshin Impact, players have inevitably taken notice of his unique fighting style. Not only in combat, but also in team compositions, Heizo can be really powerful in certain situations.

Let’s say the players want to put Shikanoin Heizo on the team lineup. The easiest way is to replace Sucrose in national teams and taser teams. Sucrose is used for Whirlwind and increases the team’s Elemental Mastery. Although Heizo can’t buff as well as Sucrose, he can still work great in such teams.

Team #1

Taser teams are becoming more and more famous every day, especially in the Twisted Abyss. Adding Heizo to this team improves the team’s melee synergy, as he will help swirl Bei Dou’s Electro and Hydro Xing Qiu with Elemental Burst.

Of course, Kazuha will play the role of an Anemo of support, controlling enemies and shrinking the space between them by pulling them towards him. Kazuha will also increase the team’s overall damage by increasing his Whirlwind team’s elemental damage, which is very easy for him. In this lineup, it is better to use Heizo to deal damage, as Kazuha will play the role of Anemo support.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Primary DPS, Whirlwind Trigger, Buffer
  • Bay Doe: Shield, Electro Assistant, Sub-DPS
  • Xing Qiu: Sub-DPS, Small Healer, Hydro Assistant
  • Kadzuha: Buffer, debuffer, CC

Team #2

Xiang Ling, Xing Qiu, Bennet and Chun Yun form one of the best teams in Genshin Impact. What makes the team so strong is the synergy that all these characters have with each other. Even players who suffer from combat rhythm will notice that there is a lot of room for error in their teamwork. If Xiang Ling, Xing Qiu and Bennett are indispensable in this lineup, then Chun Yun is. He’s great, but other characters would do the same or better. And this is where Heizo makes his debut.

Not only does Heizo increase the reaction of the team, but also has a significant amount of DPS and can even stay on the field longer than others. Heizo can also twist and reduce opponents’ resistance to Hydro and Pyro, which is very important for destroying Xing Qiu and Xiang Ling.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Sub DPS, Whirlwind Trigger, Buffer, Debuffer
  • Xiang Ling: Sub-DPS, Pyro Helper, Evaporation Trigger, Pyro Resonance Part
  • Xing Qiu: Sub-DPS, Small Healer, Hydro Assistant
  • Bennett: Healer, buffer, part of Pyro Resonance

Team #3

The composition of Kuki Shinobu and Ye Lan’s team is simple. Electrocute and daze enemies non-stop as Heizo lands blow after blow. Ye Lan will massively increase Heizo’s DMG%, Kuki will heal, and the three of them will cast Electro Charge indefinitely.

For the rest of the characters, players can use their favorite character or synergize with a group by adding either Hydro or Electro to have reactions limited to Electro Charge or Hydro Whirlwind. Cryoing a character is not recommended, as cryo will add a freeze to reactions, which will slow down the combat style.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Primary DPS, Whirlwind Trigger, Buffer
  • Ye Lan: Sub-DPS, Hydro Assistant, Buffer
  • Kuki Shinobu: Healer, Electro Charge, Electro Assistant

Team #4

This is a niche roster of the Genshin Impact team that includes Zhong Li, Yun Jin, and Bennett. All three have the ability to heavily buff the character. This team line-up mainly focuses on boosting Heizo’s damage output. In addition, Yun Jin and Zhong Li are Geo characters, and having them on the same team will also increase Heizo’s DMG by 15%.

Starting the fight with Bennett’s Elemental Burst, he will buff Heizo’s attacks while giving him a Pyro aura to launch a Pyro Whirlwind. Zhong Li will reduce the resistance of Anemo enemies, and finally, Yun Jin will significantly increase Heizo’s normal attacks. With all these buffs and debuffs, Heizo will take to the field and destroy his opponents.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Primary DPS
  • Zhong Li: Shield, buffer, debuffer, part of Geo Resonance
  • Yun Jin: Buffer, part of Geo Resonance
  • Bennet: Healer, buffer

Team #5

Heizo may not have the Sucrose passivity to greatly increase her team’s Elemental Mastery, but Heizo can deal more DMG than her.

Sangonomy Kokomi can start by using her Elemental Skills, Fischl will follow her with his Oz on the field and then Xiang Ling will unleash his devastating Elemental Burst. After that, Heizo will enter the field, and from that moment on, all three elements will be mixed in his fighting style and form all kinds of related reactions.

Team roles

  • Heizo: Sub-DPS, Whirlwind Trigger, Buffer
  • Xiang Ling: Sub-DPS, Pyro Assistant
  • Kokomi: Sub-DPS, Healer, Hydro Assistant
  • Fischl: Sub-DPS, Electro Assistant

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