Best Samurai build in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Samurai class is one of the best character options for beginners as its starter stat pack will really help all players and help them create the best possible character. Although the character’s starting class only determines what stats players will have at the start of the game, as well as what weapons they will have, Samurai play more or less like real warriors. Although he looks like a character with a limited choice of weapons and armor, those who choose to play as a Samurai will be able to rely on katanas and bows as their main sources of damage.

Unlike the hero class in Elden Ring, Samurai start with Agility and Vitality as their primary stats, while Stamina and Intelligence are their secondary stats. Also, at the start of the game, the Samurai already have a katana, bow, arrows, and shield, making them one of the most well-equipped characters from the start of the game. However, as they progress through Elden Ring, players will have to invest more runes in intelligence and strength if they plan to use high-level katanas, as well as in agility for some bows. Since Agility and Strength start out as higher stats, players can upgrade their Samurai’s Intelligence and Strength at the very beginning to more easily access other types of katanas and bows.

For example, the Moonlight Katana in Elden Ring is a weapon that players can get for their Samurai at the very beginning of the game. With the class’s high starting agility and the Moonlight katana’s low required strength stat, players can easily invest runes in their intelligence early on to be able to use this weapon as soon as possible. The same goes for most bows, which also require some combination of strength, agility, and intelligence.

Best Samurai build in Elden Ring

To play well as a Samurai, players should be prepared to greatly reduce the health of enemies in combat as they get close, and finish off those who get close enough with the Renew Blade skill. This skill can only be used on katanas, and allows players to sheathe the blade and hold it at the hip, then perform a normal or strong attack. While boss fights in Elden Ring can be more difficult for Samurai players, they will excel in any fight on horseback given the nature of their stat boost.

The only talisman that players of this class really need is the Lord of Blood, as it increases the attack power of everyone who has this item, since the bleeding effect spreads to the surrounding area. Since katanas can inflict a melee bleed effect, you will deal a lot of damage during the battle in Elden Ring. Other great gear talismans are Erd’s Favor, which increases maximum health, stamina, and gear, and the bow talisman, which increases arrow range.

For the Samurai in Elden Ring, players should get items and skills like Refresh Blade, as mentioned, thanks to its effects, Strong Strike and Enchanted Strike, to further increase the power of their bows. While the Samurai class may take some time to develop, some of the best options will allow players to fight multiple incoming enemies at the same time in Elden Ring.

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