Best PvP builds in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a rich and varied world that is ready to kick you in the bones and send you back to grace. Under the hood, however, is the dark, gloomy world of PVP. This is where players go to test their mettle, troll those in need, and harvest Rune Arcs.

At the moment, Elden Ring doesn’t have any dedicated PVP areas, but that doesn’t stop people from creating fight clubs and fencing off large areas of the Elden Ring world for duels. If fair fights are not to your liking, then you can always invade and try yourself on the dark side.

What is a PVP build in Elden RIng

A PVP build in Elden Ring is a build designed to kill another player as quickly and efficiently as possible. They use the best weapons, armor, spells and talismans. Not only that, their stats are tuned to perfection to balance kill potential and survivability.

PVP in Elden Ring, despite being rather primitive at first glance, is a game in itself. Getting involved in PVP, you risk immersing yourself in hundreds of hours of intense battles, theory building and counting numbers.

Note: Remember that Elden Ring, like any online game, receives regular patches and balance updates, so what was good one day may not be good the next.

How to access PVP in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players can access PVP in two ways – invasion and duel.


Invasion is the most difficult form of PVP a player can take part in. You will be summoned to another player’s world – often a world with one or more allied phantoms – and tasked with killing the host. Winning a 3v1 fight is not easy, but the reward for success is great. Experienced invaders are waiting for runes and runic arcs.

In addition, additional phantoms called Hunters are sometimes automatically summoned. Invasions can turn into chaos very quickly.


Duels are meant for civilized PVP. This is a 1v1 duel between the red phantom and the master. Duel symbols can be found in any area of ​​Elden Ring with a large, open and varied landscape. You can also find them in large circular areas that are actually battle rings. Duels do not give great rewards, but the dueling process itself is very exciting.

Note: It is important to remember that this is a duel of honor. You will be expected to bow and allow the enemy to apply any buffs.

PvP build with Rivers of Blood katana

This build uses shockingly powerful Rivers of Blood to destroy everything from single targets to invasion parties.


  • Primary: Sorcery and Vitality
  • Secondary: Agility and Fortitude
  • Additional: Faith (when using a swarm of flies. Max improvement +11)

You should focus on Affliction to maximize weapon damage and bleed increase, as well as ensure your Fortitude is high enough to take hits. Rivers of Blood increases Agility damage, so be sure to invest a few points into this stat to ensure your basic attacks deal decent damage. Stamina will increase your gear pool and stamina – both of these stats are very important.

And finally, faith. If you’re going to use spells such as Swarm of Flies, put as many points into Faith as needed to cast the desired spell. Minimum improvement +11.


  • Weapon: Rivers of Blood
  • Armor: White Mask
  • Seal: Dragon Communion Seal (Optional)

Purchasing the Rivers of Blood Katana is a must in this build. This katana brutally kills just about anything. Her weapon art, Corpse Gatherer, is as beautiful as it sounds, dealing massive damage at long range while quickly filling up the opponent’s bleed caliber.

To increase the damage, be sure to take the White Mask helmet. Every time something bleeds near you, you gain an attack buff that stacks with other similar buffs. This is especially handy when invading, as you can bleed the enemy and then kill all his friends more easily thanks to the attack boost.

If you’re using any spells, it’s best to use the Seal of the Sacrament of the Dragon. It has an S-shaped zoom in Arcane, which is perfect.


  • Shard of Alexander
  • Triumph of the Lord of the Blood

You have four talisman slots, but two of them will be filled with Shard of Alexander and Triumph of the Bloodlord. Alexander’s Shard will increase the damage of Corpse Collector, and Bloodlord’s Triumph will give you an attack boost when something bleeds out. These two charms are simply too good to pass up.


If you’re going to use spells, it’s best to pay attention to the Swarm of Flies. This spell is cheap, hits enemies and inflicts bleeding quickly. You can use it to cover your advance or to activate bleeding buffs. A fantastic addition that doesn’t cost much to use.

PvP build with Moon Veil katana

Another katana build, only this time focusing on the fiendishly fast Moon Veil katana.


  • Primary: Wisdom and Vitality
  • Secondary: Agility and Fortitude

The Moon Veil Katana has a Wisdom and Dexterity meter, however you want to put the majority of your points into Wisdom to maximize the damage of your weapon arts. However, do not neglect energy and endurance. You need to have enough health to take the hit and enough stamina to equip some of the best armor.


  • Weapon: Moon Veil Katana
  • Staff: Shiny Staff of Lusat

The Moonlight Veil Katana is one of the best, if not the best weapon for intelligence. She has a fantastic moveset, deals incredible damage, and her weapon skill is one of the best in the game. Often enemies can be killed in two or three hits. If your opponent hasn’t invested enough in Vitality, he can die in one hit.

For staves, any will do, but Lusat’s Brilliant Staff provides the highest spell damage. The trade-off for this ability is a 50% increase in mana cost, but that’s not a problem since you won’t be focusing too much on magic.


  • Shard of Alexander
  • Amulet with magical scorpion

The only two talismans that are mandatory for this build are the Shard of Alexander and the Magic Scorpion Amulet. The Alexander Shard will make your Katana more powerful, and the Magic Scorpion Amulet will increase all your magical damage, including weapons and magical arts.

The remaining two slots can be filled with anything, but the Great Shield with Dragon Crest talisman can be used to increase resistance to physical exertion. You can also insert the Sign of Radagon to increase your spell casting speed.


  • Projectiles of shining stones
  • A comet
  • Carian phalanx

For spells, Shiny Stone Projectiles will suit you. This spell, as the name suggests, is fast-released and fast-flying. You will use it to deal damage to the enemy when he gets close, or if he retreats to the flask. You can even use it to interrupt enemy spells. It doesn’t do much damage, but it has a huge utility.

Comet is your main damage spell, but you won’t be using it all the time. In Elden Ring, many spells can be chained together to save casting time. A lesser known interaction is chaining, which allows spells to be used in combo casts. Cast Brilliant Rock Projectiles, then mid-cast, switch to Comet and cast again. The comet will fly out much faster, and the unusual timing can catch players off guard, resulting in light damage. This is especially effective if you train your enemies to dodge Shiny Rock Projectiles.

The Carian phalanx is here to make fun of people. Most builds want to hit you in the face, and when you have a halo of swords ready to shoot at any enemy foolish enough to get close, you have an advantage. Enemies will almost always dodge the phalanx, but you can use this knowledge to catch their throw with an attack or spell.

Tip: If you are facing the enemy, the swords will not shoot. You can walk with your back to the enemy and then quickly turn around to instantly release your swords. This will most likely take the enemy by surprise, as they will have very little time to react to your sudden rotation.

PvP build with the magic “Destructive Stars”

This build focuses on spells rather than weapons. If you want to become a wizard, then this option is for you.


  • Primary: Wisdom and Vitality
  • Secondary: Intelligence and Fortitude
  • Bonus: Agility

Spells are calculated based on Wisdom, so making it your primary stat is very important. You won’t be using the weapon much, so a secondary damage stat isn’t necessary. If you’re going to use a weapon as a fallback, then a few points of Dexterity to use something like Astel’s Wing would be just fine.


  • Staff: Carian Royal Scepter
  • Weapon: Astel’s Wing (optional)

The Carian Royal Scepter is one of the best staves in Elden Ring. It outperforms the Shiny Staff of Lusat in damage, but only marginally. It also doesn’t increase the mana cost of your spells, limiting downtime.

The Carian Royal Scepter also features a deceptively fantastical weapon art – Spinning Weapon. This attack is great for catching enemies rolling towards you and stuns most opponents with its multi-hit ability. Not only that, it deals up to 1,000 damage at full attack, which allows you to win the battle.

If you need a spare weapon then Astel’s Wing is a great choice. It’s faster than a katana, deals about the same damage, has great catching skills, and its alternate attack is a long-range projectile. An excellent weapon.


  • Amulet with magical scorpion
  • Godfrey sign
  • Powerful Grave School Mascot
  • Sign of Radagon

Talismans should deal as much magic damage as possible. This means that the Magic Scorpion Amulet and Grave School Powerful Talisman are required items. Mark of Radagon will make all your spells faster, and Mark of Godfrey will make any charged spell or ability stronger. It may seem counter-intuitive to take both icons with you, but in this build we’re using spells that cast and charge quickly.


  • Doom Stars
  • Projectiles of shining stones
  • Carian phalanx

The best spell in our lineup is Doomstars. This is a hilariously powerful spell that launches 12 fast-moving projectiles at enemies. If the entire spell hits, you can deal up to 1,000 damage – though this is unlikely. The reason you take this spell is because a full attack is almost impossible to dodge. Even if the enemies dodge, they will most likely take a couple of hundred damage. You can quickly cast or charge this spell to change the timing and confuse enemies.

When enemies start to close, use this projectile cloud to disguise Astel’s Wing’s charged second attack or Carian Royal Scepter Spinning Weapon. With a high probability, this will help to catch the enemies that are rolling towards you.

Glittering Stone Projectiles are your Flask Catcher and Spell Breaker. You can use Brilliant Stone Projectiles to change the casting time of spells. It’s not uncommon to end a duel with Glittering Rock Projectiles – especially if you keep its existence a secret.

The Carian Phalanx is another layer of defense. While you are using Shiny Rock Projectiles, you will be using Spinning Weapons and so on, Carian Phalanx will get in your way. The Carian Phalanx will mess up the timing of dodges even more. It’s incredibly difficult to dodge Astel’s Wing, Doomstars, and Carian Phalanx at the same time.

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