Best poison build in Elden Ring

Poison in Elden Ring is not as powerful as Red Rot, but there is a lot more to play when using Poison and you can focus on other stats besides Arcane to reap huge benefits.

Poison is a slow damage over time that when combined with the destructive power of the katana becomes surprisingly powerful. Fast, powerful strikes, devastating weapon art, and multiple ways to deal with large groups make for a self-focused build that can handle a wide range of threats.

What is Poison build

What makes the Venom build different from the Red Rot build is the sheer amount of weapons at your disposal. Not only do you have any Poison weapon at your disposal (and a shield…), but almost every weapon can be turned into a Poison based weapon by going to a blacksmith.

If Red Rot relies on the overwhelming power of Red Rot, then Poison uses the best weapons in the game to create something new.

Stats to look out for

Stats Value Vitality 60 Intelligence 20 Fortitude 30 Strength 12 Dexterity 80 Wisdom 9 Faith 10 Sorcery 8

It should be noted that Poison scales with Arcane – however, in this case, we won’t worry about that. Instead, we’ll be focusing all of our efforts on Agility to deal massive amounts of raw damage while countering damage from enemies over time. This means that we will put 80 points into agility and hit the hard cap.

As for other stats, we are pouring 10 points into Faith to gain access to some key spells, and leaving the arcane at level 8.

Energy will be brought up to 60, so we will have a lot of health, which will allow us to survive in the most difficult situations. Stamina and Intelligence will be as high as possible so that we have as many resources as possible at our disposal. Endurance also increases Equipment Weight, which allows us to use heavier armor.

Poison Samurai


This build uses the immense power of the Uchigatana and the unique properties of the Serpentbone Blade to quickly create Poison using the katana’s incredible move set. Two-handed katanas open up a whole new, equally fantastic set of moves that can deal with almost any threat. Poison is just the icing on the cake.


  • Serpentine Bone Katana
  • Utigatana

In our main hand, we will use the Poison Uchigatana. Uchigatana is one of the best katana in the game. She has great stats, low stat requirements, and a fantastic moveset. This is the core of our build. You can optionally use two Uchigatans with Poison. This will unlock several bleeding synergies if you need it.

We will be using Poison Moth Flight as the War Ash, as it not only deals decent damage, but also builds up Poison quickly. However, the specialty of this ash tree is the bonus damage it deals if the enemy is already poisoned.

As a weapon for the hand, the Serpentbone Blade is perfect. He has excellent scales, a high level of Poison accumulation, and a standard set of katana moves. Besides, it looks very cool.


  • Toxic Mist
  • Rotten breath

This build isn’t geared towards casting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t bring a few tricks to complete the pack. For this, Rotten Breath and Toxic Mist will be our main spells.

Rotten Breath will apply Red Rot in a wide area, providing an additional source of damage over time as well as a way to control crowds. On the other hand, Poison Mist can quickly inflict Poison on a group of enemies, which will help us to use our buffs.


  • The relative’s celebration was rotten
  • Triumph of the Lord of the Blood
  • Marika’s seal of pain
  • Grace of the Tree of Erd
  • Great Shield with Dragon Crest
  • Dragon Pearl
  • green turtle

The main talisman here is the Triumph of the kinsman of rot. This talisman increases your attack when something is hit by Poison or Scarlet Rot. This buff is very nice and helps to boost our basic attacks.

If you use two Uchigatanas, then Blood Lord’s Celebration can also be used to great effect. Every time something bleeds out, you get a buff that increases our damage even more.

Another must-have talisman is Marika’s Seal of Pain. This talisman will raise your Sorcery and Faith to levels sufficient to cast spells. The trade off is damage negation reduction, but this can be easily fixed with other talismans.

Other than that, you can use whatever you like. The Grace of the Tree of Erd will increase all your resources, the Dragon Crest Great Shield and Dragon Ball will make you much harder to kill, and the Green Turtle will increase your stamina regeneration which is always a nice bonus.


  • mushroom crown

This build requires only one piece of armor to work – the Mushroom Crown. This helm works the same as Rot Kin’s Triumph (it even stacks with it!), and buffs your attack when something is hit by Poison or Red Rot.

As for the rest of the armor, equip the heaviest and most bulky armor you can while keeping your average roll. You want to be as survivable as possible so that your damage ticks can do their job over time.

Flask of miraculous potion

  • hard lead tear
  • Crystal Tear of Sorcery

As for tears, you should consider Solid Lead Tear and Crystalline Tear of Power. Lead Tear increases your composure, allowing you to attack the enemy through the offensive. Crystal Tear of Agility will increase your Agility by 10 for three minutes, giving you a nice damage boost.

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