Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2: Parkour Skills Guide

Default High Jump No Allows you to jump higher. You will learn about this in the tutorial section of the game. 1 Active Landing High Jump/0 Reduces fall damage. This can save your life if you fall from a great height. Safe Landing Active Landing/140 Increases the height you can land from without taking damage. This is just a general improvement. Landing Jump Safe Landing/180 You can jump immediately after landing. It’s a little pointless. 2 Strong Grip High Jump/0 Make one final climb up ledges even when your stamina is depleted. Maintain your grip briefly when clinging to ledges when falling from a great height. Just like Active Landing, it’s a lifesaver. Fast Climb Strong Grip/140 Move faster on ledges. Helpful, but not required. Ledge Jump Quick Climb/180 Jump while climbing up ledges. Same as above. 3 Long Jump High Jump/120 Jump off an obstacle and jump further. I sincerely thought it was a great parkour skill. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely been able to run this. Double Jump Distance Jump/160 Reach great heights by jumping from obstacles. Same as above. Rotate Jump Double Jump/200 Rotate 180 degrees while jumping. What’s the point? 4 Smooth Runner High Jump/120 Increases speed when crossing obstacles such as balance boards, slopes, openings in walls, etc. Not particularly necessary. Stealth Movement Smooth Runner/160 Increases mobility while stealth; allows you to jump, crouching. Helpful, but not required. Crowd Runner Smooth Runner/160 Run through a group of enemies without losing speed and reducing damage taken. Pretty decent, especially during a chase or when you’re surrounded. Slide Smooth Runner/160 Slip through low holes. What for? Sliding Jump Slide/200 You can jump after sliding. Seriously, why? 5 Dart High Jump/140 Gain a short-term speed boost while running. It’s really great to have. Enemy Jump Throw/180 Allows you to jump off the heads of enemies like Mario doing parkour. I’m really torn when it comes to this skill. It’s really amazing during chases. Unfortunately, there were cases where the input/trigger did not appear. Instead, Aiden uncomfortably bumped into zombies. Bash Throw/180 Break through obstacles and enemies without stopping. By this point, I was already using Crowd Runner, so I didn’t have time to test it out. Hyphen Throw/180 This is basically a regular dart, but you can keep running as long as you have stamina. Again, this is extremely helpful. Power Boost Throw/220 Gain a brief speed boost after performing parkour moves (e.g. climbing, hard landing, etc.). Not particularly necessary. 6 Tick-Tock High Jump/160 Running sideways on the surface. This is an amazing skill. But there were times when my character needed to grab onto a pipe and run along the wall instead. Tic Tac/200 Wall Combo Combine Tic Tac or Wall Run into longer combinations. Allows you to link your sports movements. Tick-Tock Wall Run/200 Run up the surface. Another great skill, but it can get clunky sometimes when your character just bumps into walls trying to make the right input. Wall Run, Tick Tock Jump/240 Jump while wall running. This will help you move around locations faster.

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