Best Galeb build in Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong features three playable characters. The representative of the Ventrue clan is Galeb Bazori, a loyal servant of the princes of Boston with a history of hunting down those who draw the wrath of the prince.

A story-driven RPG developed by Big Bad Wolf, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong takes place in the World of Darkness, in the city of Boston. The game tells the stories of Galeb, Emem, and Leisha, three vampires from different clans who are tasked with investigating a catastrophic breach of the masquerade on behalf of the Prince of Boston.

Clan and disciplines of Galeb

As a member of the Ventrue clan, known as the “King Clan” or “Blue Bloods”, Galeb is gifted with the disciplines of Dominance, Fortitude, and Presence. These disciplines serve to embody power and command, and the correct use of these disciplines is essential to the game of Galeb.

Note: All upgrades to a skill also grant +1 to that skill’s rating, thus increasing its effectiveness and/or reducing hunger costs when using this discipline in conversation or exploration.


Domination is one of Galeb’s most appealing disciplines from a player’s perspective, giving the vampire the ability to control others with a few words and even manipulate memory. This makes him very useful in various situations throughout the game, especially when visiting Moore’s apartment at the very beginning.

  • Coercion: Gives access to “Dominate” as a dialog choice. It is automatically unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Words of Steel: Grants an additional Dominate point, increasing the chance of success when using the Dominate dialogue.
  • Impatient Speech: Reduces the hunger gained by using Dominant in dialogue by one point.
  • Iron Fist: This skill guarantees success on the next skill check, but generates four hungers.
  • Logotomy: Reduces hunger gained from Iron Fist by one point.

Making the most of Dominant is a great game plan for Galeb, as he has many opportunities to use it and it can get him out of many dangerous or difficult situations.


Likewise, Presence allows Galeb to charm or intimidate others with an aura of terror or charm, allowing him to more subtly manipulate those around him.

  • Awe: Grants access to Presence as a dialogue choice. It is automatically unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Velvet Glove: Gains an additional Presence point, increasing the chance of success when using Presence dialogue options.
  • Silver Tongue: Prevents the opponent from focusing on a skill in dialogue, but generates two hungers. Very useful for reducing the risk of being evenly matched against another character on a skill check.
  • Spatula Need: Whenever one of your actions increases the opponent’s Focus risk, this increase is reduced by 30%.
  • Hypnotism: Silver Tongue generates one less hunger, making it even more convenient to use frequently.

The skills offered by Presence can be very helpful in creating a more compelling character and manipulating the chances of success in relation to skill level during conversations and confrontations.


Lastly, Fortitude increases Galeb’s physical and mental resilience, making him much more durable than other team members.

  • Durability: Only available in Research. Grants the ability to endure physical pain with a hunger cost determined by Galeb’s Fortitude and interaction difficulty. This skill is unlocked by default at the start of the game.
  • Mind Walls: Protects from enemy skills and increases the chance of winning by 50% in case of a tie at the cost of gaining two hungers. This skill is great for increasing your chances of success without spending so much willpower on concentration.
  • Mental Fortress: Mind Wall generates one less hunger, allowing it to be used more frequently.
  • Iron Will: Mind Walls can now also protect against enemy disciplines. This is invaluable when facing other vampires who might try to manipulate Galeb through supernatural means.
  • Soul Labyrinth: Mind Walls costs one less Hunger point, effectively making the power free to use.

Upgrading Galeb’s durability is certainly smart when he lives in a world where every other vampire is working on their own plans and can try to manipulate them. In addition, the strength of the stamina is well combined with the skills of the average level, which greatly increases the chances of success even under equal conditions with the enemy.

Recommended Skills

Much of Galeb’s gameplay relies on his ability to manipulate or intimidate those around him. This is due to his backstory and role as the prince’s enforcer.

Therefore, developing the skills “Intimidation”, “Rhetoric” and “Psychology” is very useful in order for him to use his weight.

  • Intimidation allows him to bend people to his will by simply scaring them, putting pressure on them, or using his physical strength and imposing presence.
  • Rhetoric allows him to easily recognize and respond to social conventions, which helps him better conduct less aggressive conversation and identify oddities in other people’s behavior during a conversation.
  • Psychology allows Galeb to persuade and/or manipulate others by taking advantage of their behavior and emotional weaknesses, allowing him to pressure people with their own vulnerability.

Throughout the game, Galeb will have many opportunities to intimidate or manipulate other people, so prioritizing Intimidation and Psychology and then adding points to Rhetoric can be very effective.

Since Galeb also plays the role of a detective on numerous occasions, it is worth upgrading the Deduction and Education skills so that he can find additional clues and pick up contradictions in conversations.

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