Best Faith build in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Sorcery is a walking, talking, human nuclear warhead, while Spells lean more towards the logistics specialist. Faith is mostly dominated by utility spells, and this makes it a fantastic path to take if you want to try your hand at magic but don’t want to dedicate yourself to it.

This doesn’t mean that Faith can’t deal a staggering amount of damage, and in fact, if you want to create a pure damage class, Faith can play that role. In this guide, we’ll look at the Unbreakable Life Seal build and the Dragon God build.

What is Faith in Elden Ring

Faith is essentially a different flavor of magic. Instead of sorcery, you use spells. Instead of dealing pure damage, you gain more utility. Instead of throwing pebbles, you turn into a dragon and destroy entire hordes of enemies with the help of Red Rot and Hellfire. Faith has it all and that makes her a fantastic stat for beginners that can also be expanded into a full build.

Stats for Faith

Since the builds with Health Steal and Dragon’s Faith are very different in statistics, we split them into two separate tables.

Dragon Faith

Stats Value Vitality 60 Intelligence 25 Fortitude 25 Strength 12 Dexterity 18 Wisdom 9 Faith 40 Sorcery 40

The dragon constitution requires a significant investment in Faith and Sorcery to get the most out of using the dragon’s powerful spells. This distribution of stats will allow you to use all sorts of spells and weapons, while remaining strong in any situation.

Energy, intelligence and stamina are also of great importance, so we can take hits, cast spells more often and wear heavier armor.

Health theft

Stats Value Vitality 60 Intelligence 25 Fortitude 25 Strength 40 Dexterity 15 Wisdom 9 Faith 40 Sorcery 9

As with the Dragon’s Faith build, the Health Steal build splits stats between two damage attributes – Faith and Strength. This will allow us to use the Blasphemous Blade and deal a lot of damage with spells and melee.

As before, we have resources for energy, and our intelligence and stamina allow us to easily attack, cast spells and wear heavy armor.

Build on the faith of the dragon


This hero is a monster in all types of combat. You can throw lightning, destroy entire continents, heal and at the same time not yield in close combat. The dragon priest can deal with any opponent and easily destroy him.


In this variation, you’ll want to use the Seal of the Sacrament of the Dragon. This seal increases both Faith and Sorcery, making it perfect for increasing stats, and it also boosts all of our dragon spells. The best seal in Elden Ring for this assembly is not found.

For weapons, you can choose whatever you want. We’d recommend something that scales with either Sorcery or Faith. Weapons like the Rivers of Blood katana or the Golden Order Two-Handed sword are great options for this.

You can also use the Sword of Milos – even if you never use it in combat. Hang this sword on your back and you’ll regenerate mana every time an enemy dies. This will help lower the cost of your dragon spells and also stacks with Ancestral Spirit Horn Talisman.

Basic spells

  • Rotting Exiques
  • Mist Borealis
  • Beast Life Force
  • Flex slot

When you use the incredible power of the dragon, it is absolutely necessary for you to use the Rotting Exique. Not only does it deal massive damage to enemies in a large area, but it also strikes everything with Scarlet Rot at a terrifying rate. Even the bosses fall under the concentrated explosion of the Rotting Exiques. You can take out a lot of people you meet by landing this spell and just running away for a minute or two.

Mist of the Borealis is the second required spell. This attack deals more damage than Rotting Exhibit, but does not apply Red Rot. Instead, the attack creates Frostbite, which causes a huge burst of damage and reduces all resistances by 20%.

And finally, Animal Power is our useful slot. This spell will gradually heal you over time, costs very little mana, is very fast to cast, and is just a great choice for maintaining health.

The rest of the slots can be filled with whatever spells you like. Consider other Dragon Breath spells depending on the scenario. The fire and magic spells are far less useful than the ones we’ve chosen, but can deal some serious damage against the right enemies.


  • Roar Medallion
  • Godfrey sign
  • Canvas Talisman of the Pack
  • Marika’s seal of pain

Since we’re focusing a lot on dragon spells, Roar Medallion, Godfrey’s Sign and Canvas Talisman of the Pack will help take our damage to a higher level. Marika’s Seal of Pain will help raise your Spellcraft and Faith to 45 which is a must.

You can also consider Erd Tree’s Milo, Green Turtle, and Great Jar’s Warehouse if you want to focus less on pure spell damage. You can also take Ancestral Spirit Horn with you to replenish mana when enemies die.


You want to wear the heaviest armor you can find with the best Toughness and Damage Reduction while still maintaining an average roll. Crucible Knight Armor is a great set to fill this role.

Flask of miraculous potion

In this build, you have a plethora of flask options, but some of the most prominent are Crystal Tear of Faith, Affliction, and Arcane Azure Tear. Both Knotted Tears will increase your damage by a significant amount for three minutes, and Arcane Azure Tear will allow you to cast incredibly expensive Dragon spells for free.

Health steal build


If you hate dying, then you should go for the Health Steal option. It is so powerful that it can be considered broken, since the amount of health you will restore almost negates the need for flasks. This build was broken prior to version 1.03, however the game has now been fixed and this build is fully functional.


The only weapon worth considering for this build is the Blasphemous Blade. This weapon is incredibly powerful and comes with one of the strongest weapon arts in the game. It deals thousands of damage, knocks enemies down, and can be used to win most fights. Not only that, weapon art heals you whenever it hits an enemy, and the blade itself heals you whenever something dies.

Hold this weapon in your main hand, then equip the Sword of Milos in your second hand and hang it on your back. This will allow you to regenerate mana as quickly as health. You can almost do without a flask, so strong will be your support.

Basic spell

  • Flame give me strength
  • Beast Power
  • memory stones

Only two spells are required in this build, and those are Flame Grant Me Strength and Feral Strength. Flame Grant Me Strength increases all physical and fire damage, doubling Blasphemous Blade, making it even more powerful. Beastly Strength gives you passive health regeneration, which is nice to have, even if you don’t necessarily need it.


  • Ancestral Spirit Horn
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Amulet with fiery scorpion
  • Grace of the Tree of Erd

Since this build is heavily geared towards dealing a lot of damage with weapon arts, the above talismans are the way to go. Ancestral Spirit Horn restores mana on kill, which stacks with the Sword of Milos. Shard of Alexander makes Blasphemous Blade’s weapon art even more powerful.

The Fire Scorpion Amulet will increase all your fire damage by 15%, and the Grace of the Tree of Erd will increase your health, mana, stamina, and gear weight, which are key stats in any build.


You want to wear the heaviest armor, but still maintain an average movement speed. You don’t want to die before you can steal a life, so having enough protection to take a few hits is a must.

Flask of miraculous potion

As for tears, you need Fire Tear to increase all fire damage for three minutes, and Crystalline Tear of Faith to increase your faith to increase fire damage. You can also add Opal Crystal Tear to increase your resistance if you die too quickly.

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