Best Classes for PVE in Lost Ark

Lost Ark features 15 classes, with more planned in the future. With the current lineup allowing you to grind monsters and bosses to dust, here are the best classes to use in PVE Lost Ark.

The best PVE classes in Lost Ark

PVE in Lost Ark is made up of many aspects, from life skills to card collecting. However, the most important part of the content of the new MMO (aside from mods) are the endgame levels; Lost Ark’s endgame consists of a Chaos Dungeons swarm mode and challenging raids filled with exciting boss fights that will require expert teamwork and class specialization.

In order to climb the endgame ladder and get to the top of the third level content, players need to know all the rules that are allowed and not allowed. While all the classes in the game are interesting and viable, there are some classes that stand out from the rest. While the holy trinity may be vacant in Lost Ark, roles like tank, healer, DPS, and support are still extremely important, and if not done right, that’s the difference between clearing and clearing.


The Mechanist is part of the Mechanist specialization; he carries a huge cannon and performs high damage melee and mid range abilities. The Mechanist is currently one of the most sought after classes in Lost Ark due to its ease of play and ranged abilities.

The Mechanist currently has one of the highest awakening skills in the game, as well as a damage boosting resource system that allows him to take less damage, up to thirty percent, and a damage blocking shield. Mechanist’s main stats are agility and crit.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is a Warrior specialization and is one of the most requested classes in Lost Ark, especially on Korean servers where the meta is more defined. Gunlancer excels at tanking with the ability to shift into a defensive stance and create a shield to deflect boss damage for himself and teammates.

Additionally, the Demon Hunter taunt is a must for pulling back aggro bosses and ensuring that teammates can deal significant damage without fear of being targeted. While any tank leading a raid or dungeon requires a high level of skill, once practiced, Gunlancer becomes fun and exciting to play. Demon Hunter’s main stats are swiftness and crit.


The Dualist is a very important class in Lost Ark and a member of the Combat Artist specialization. In addition to his abilities, Dualist specializes in destruction damage, which helps to stun and stun enemy bosses. This ability is very important as it leaves bosses open so that party members can safely deal damage for a short time.

Overall, the Dualist is a good class that lacks a bit of mobility, but is still survivable enough to maintain high endgame damage. The dualist is easy to master, but harder to master at higher levels, but the time spent is worth it considering how valuable this class is to the party. Dualist’s main stats are Specialization and Critical.


Minstrel is perhaps the most needed class in the party, along with Armigers and Paladins. As part of the Mage specialization, the Minstrel class excels at quickly healing and buffing party members with large AOE skills that can give allies a health buff and a shield.

Minstrel is arguably the best support in the game with his strong endgame support potential where it really counts. For this, the Minstrel pays with low damage; if some players feel useful doing higher DPS stats, this class might not be the best to play, unlike classes like Gunlancer which can still provide adequate stats depending on play style.


The Enchantress is potentially the most destructive class in Lost Ark currently in NA. Another member of the Mage specialization, the Enchantress can unleash large-area attacks from multiple elements that cause nuisance effects on bosses and enemies.

Enchantress is a strong DPS in any party lineup, but her effectiveness increases when there is adequate support or a tank to absorb the damage and take the pressure off this flimsy class. Lacking mobility and requiring dexterity to accurately aim and hit with her skills, the Enchantress is a class with a low skill threshold that many can pick up and perform well in the Lost Ark endgame.

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